14 thoughts on “So Exciting

  1. lbeale on said:

    I’m with you, Jeff. I thought it was unwatchable.

  2. I am not with you, and I find this fantastic musical to be something that I can come back to, over and over. And it’s something that even my straight friends who don’t love musicals still love. We watch it together often.

    Don’t hate.

  3. I loved it, too. Don’t understand the hate, myself. An ambitious, somewhat flawed, yet spectacular film that I have enjoyed time and again.

    Jeff’s opinions on a wide range of films are fairly useless to anyone looking for fair criticism. He has vast knowledge of film culture of the last 30 years or so, but he has very narrow personal tastes reflected in his mostly negative film reviews.

  4. The COME WHAT MAY scene makes me sob like a little girl… That movie is like half genius, half EXCRUCIATING… Ugh, there’s some bit in Kidman’s chambers where all these douchebags sing this one thing really fast while hopping in place, it is THEEEEEEEEEE most embarrassing thing in film history. But the love story really works.

  5. The color, the music – the juxtapositon of Beattle music meshed with vou le vou couche avec moi (either one – Labelle or Pink/Lil Kim/Christina/Mya) versions of Lady Marmalade…

    Ewan McGregor singing sincerely…

    There was a boy….Just to love and be loved in return….

    I loved it but non-musical fans could probably find a lot to criticize.

  6. Had a similar experience watching it in a theatre…almost the entire audience fled the auditorium before the 30 minute mark….and “Australia” had a similar frenzied, cartoonish vibe in its opening sequences that probably repulsed most of its intended audience.

    Film may well be the wrong medium for Luhrman…he might have more success directing pagents, parades, circuses, football halftimes. aquatic ballets, air shows, rodeos, monster truck

    exhibitions..etc….his cinematic attempts to re-create Grand-Ole-MGM-Opry invariably fail because he’s forever hysterically genuflecting to this overheated material…instead of having a real heartfelt belief in it(which is at least what the original writers and directors of this stuff had)

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