They Know

Why go with this kind of photograph and particularly one with this angle if you’re going to apply subtle Photoshopping to a part of the anatomy that would be otherwise visible? I don’t really care and it’s obviously not a huge deal, but the absence makes it noteworthy. (Hat tip to Awards Daily‘s Ryan Adams.)

32 thoughts on “They Know

  1. Come on — you don’t know that’s been Photoshopped.

    Maybe they cast her because they have Lex’s taste in female body types.

    (Sorry… too easy!)

  2. Browning is a goddess. I almost don’t even care about the quality of the finished film. I definitely want this poster though.

  3. Wait, wouldn’t whatever boobage there is be covered up by her arm in that position? I can’t see anything wrong with the poster and never would have noticed any Photoshop phoolery going on with it.

    Of course, I’m gay and haven’t seen many women from that angle.

  4. Holy shit, I want a framed copy of this poster. daaaaaaaamn. Just in case I ever doubt for a second that I’m heterosexual. This is basically a litmus test for that. If you are a guy and your first thought upon seeing this is not “I would very much like to have sex with Emily Browning”, you are either gay or have been castrated in an unfortunate accident. I mean, fuck.

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