Better Party

I finally didn’t meet Kristen Stewart last night at the Los Angeles Film Festival’s post-screening party for Chris Weitz‘s A Better Life. But I did get to say “hi” and thanks after taking a shot of her and Weitz. She asked me to thank LexG for all the foot-worship and support…kidding. She was wearing blue canvas sneakers with white trim. Weitz looks bombed but he wasn’t — he just made the mistake of holding a drink as I took the shot. Always put the drink down, I’ve learned.

(l.) Short-filmmaker Frank Reina (Star Tailz) and A Better Life costar Jose Julian at J restaurant & lounge, 1119 So. Olive, Los Angeles.

24 thoughts on “Better Party

  1. That middle picture is freaking me out – that’s some strange head/body size ratio, its like that weird Captain America CGI only here they’ve grafted Tom Sizemore’s head on someone else’s body.

  2. Yeah, when I first saw that middle picture’s caption (short-filmmaker) I laughed because I thought Wells was throwing in a height joke. It still works as a double-entendre, even if unintended (unless of course the guy on the right is 7’1″)

  3. Weitz’s face in the first picture is one of the funniest visuals I’ve ever seen. The more you look at it, the funnier it becomes, and I think it’s even funnier that he WASN’T wasted.

  4. “While I’m wasting away in some shit job, some guy who looks like he should be partying with Joey Gladstone and making sure DJ did her history paper, gets to put his arm on the most PRISTINE piece of trim since Jeremy Irons watched a drenched Dominque Swain read next to a sprinkler. Fuck my life”

  5. Over two hours, and Lex hasn’t responded yet?

    I can only imagine how many Kleenex he’s gone through by now…

  6. “I can only imagine how many Kleenex he’s gone through by now.”

    What the fuck are you imagining that for Mr. F.?


    Oh my GOD, I am BOWING. Not just at the world’s most beautiful woman, but at LORD WELLS for taking this picture. The blurb under it made my day, just cracking up and in AWE, also hilarious to me that the rest of the night Jeff probably went around having to think about my dumb ass and how giddy I’d be over this. Seriously, seriously AWESOME… I can’t even believe he was able to keep the camera steady, because I would have been shaking like a leaf. I would have fainted– not even an exaggeration, I would have passed out like a Peruvian mother of sixteen witnessing Michael Jackson in 1992.

    Weitz’s face says it all… That’s not being loaded, that’s being photographed with the most hypnotic actress of ALL time. Look. At. Her.

  8. Jeff, that was cruel. You should bring LexG along to these thing…hahahahahahahaha, sorry can’t keep a straight face on that.

  9. HAHAHAHA, when I posted above about Weitz’s funny face, I totally didn’t think about how that’s probably how LexG would look in her presence, or how that face is how his stomach feels when he sees her.

  10. I know Weitz is a friend of the site who posts here sometimes, but still, It also speaks well of Wells’s effortless Robert Evans charm that Kristen is genuinely smiling there, practically DELIGHTED. She’s notorious for not suffering fools and for being incredibly uncomfortable with this kind of thing, but she’s practically giddy as a schoolgirl there.

    Must be the yellow shoes.

  11. I see the attraction ( she’s the needy daddy issues type which most guys like because it makes them feel important which I can sometimes fall into that category)…every now and then I’ll get someone like her to follow me around..usually they’re too young..

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