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On June 10th L.A. Times/”24 Frames” guy Steven Zeitchik wrote about the coming of Nick Broomfield‘s anti-Sarah Palin doc, which I put a top-spin on the following morning. And today, 13 or 14 days later, Mike Fleming is reporting that “Deadline has learned there’s another Palin doc in the works [from] Broomfield” that’s “not going to be quite as favorable toward the former vice presidential candidate as The Undefeated.”

Nope, no mistake — Fleming is talking about same Broomfield documentary.

The exclusive part of Fleming’s story is a clip from the Broomfield doc in which two former associates (John Bitney, Palin’s former legislative director, and former Alaska Senate President Lyda Green, a Republican) recall how Palin was always texting during meetings and barely paying attention to “the business in the building….unengaged, cursory…lack of interest, wasn’t listening,” etc.

14 thoughts on “Read It Here

  1. Super Soul on said:

    What a riviting, juicy clip. She had TWO Blackberries! For shame!

  2. @Super Soul

    I think this is about how Jeff talked about this story first(ish), because you need to swing your dick around when you’re in the blogging industry.

  3. I despise Palin as much as the next good liberal, but I think by this point, the negative attention focused on her is what’s known in football as ‘piling on.’

    Don’t we know everything we need to know about this woman? And are further revelations going to change anyone’s mind about her? This doc is just preaching to the choir.

    And besides, she ain’t got a chance in hell of being our next President. Even most Republicans don’t like her.

    So enough already.

  4. I think a more fascinating documentary would place the focus on Palin’s base and why she stayed popular as a potential presidential candidate even after all of the unflattering stories that came out over the last couple of years. We really do seem to be stuck in a time where people on both ends of the spectrum will only see and hear what they want to about their particular politicians and pundits no matter how many actual facts are pinned to their guy or girl. It’s so depressing to see writers and filmmakers bring up the same grievances again and again as if they believed, “THIS TIME IT’S GONNA STICK!”.

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