Enough Of These

Over the last few months we’ve seen or learned of four thoughtful dramas with the word “Better” or “Life” in the title, and two with the exact same title. Chris Weitz‘s A Better Life, a drama about a Mexican immigrant’s struggle to survive misfortune, has been playing since late June. And Cedric Kahn‘s A Better Life, a French-produced drama about economic hardship, will play at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival.

Also playing at Toronto will be Ann Hui‘s A Simple Life, which also deals with cultural and economic hardships and adjustments. And then there was Susanne Bier‘s In A Better World, which opened in early April after winning the Best Foreign Language Feature Oscar last February.

I just think it’s time to give the Better + Life combos a rest.

10 thoughts on “Enough Of These

  1. Owen Walter on said:

    A simple solution: add “God of” to all of these titles. “God of a Better Life,” “God of a Simple Life,” etc. It wouldn’t make sense, but it would be a hell of a lot more interesting.

  2. Damn, I’ll have to scrap the current working title of my economic adversity-themed script: “Children of a Life Less Better.”

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  6. Chris Weitz, Cedric Kahn, Ann Hui & Susanne Bier are some serious upcoming talent. I saw some of thier work at the chicago film festival, and have to say these are some talented folks. The agencies that dished out this goodness are pure talent mixed with top notch agents at the brightest agencies in the city. Chicago and toronto I think are both upcoming places to film…I live in both cities…so I hope that is true.

  7. These rre four thoughtful dramas with the word “Better” or “Life” in the title, and two with the exact same title. I wonder if the scripts were done in chicago, or printed in hard copy, these film studios rent printers and copiers all the time & I guess thats the way it should be like in CHicago. Copier rental is the way to go in the city…rather than buying one.

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