Hazy Milky

Facing north from the 8th floor of the Beverly Wilshire hotel — Thursday, 7.28, 9:55 am.

The Beverly Wilshire hotel in 1958, or around the time that Michael Corleone was dealing with Hyman Roth and his “Sicilian messenger boy” Johnny Ola and Fredo’s betrayal and the Kefauver Senate hearings on organized crime, etc.

Ward Bond to John Wayne in Rio Bravo: “That’s all you got?”

Wayne back to Bond: “That’s what I’ve got.”

17 thoughts on “Hazy Milky

  1. Gotta agree with Eran on this one; RANDOM HEARTS just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the collection and sticks out.

    Also, LE MANS is so much better than GRAND PRIX. For a picture that has so little dialog, it contains one of my favorite lines, “Lotta people go through life doing things badly. Racing’s important to men who do it well. When you’re racing, it’s life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.”

  2. You don’t have all your Criterions all lined up together in catalog order?!

    But this reminds me how much of a relief it was to ditch the bulk of all those DVD plastic keep cases and just file away the disc and the art inserts in a binder for everything except Criterions and a few fancy box special editions.

  3. Guess you’ll never have to worry about Lex asking to borrow a movie or two…

    And ditto on RANDOM HEARTS. It’s still leaves me thunderstruck that Sydney Pollack directed that bad Lifetime reject of script.

  4. I’m guessing JW wanted to hear the commentary on it….and Pollack, bless him, was very good at that. Random Hearts has a very instructive one.

  5. …Yet, Barry Lyndon is right near the very top of the stack. Hmmm.

    (Still, he’s got the ‘Tide up in that, too. Respeck.)

  6. Jeff – you mean to tell us you dont have Lucio Fulci’s Zombie in your collection? no John Carpenter films? no Dario Argento? no early Cronenberg or Toback films? not even Caligula? for shame…

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