Point Taken, Not Funny

Yes, guys who stare or noticably glance at women’s breasts in social or business situations are being gauche. It’s tedious and tiresome so who wouldn’t agree with the point of this video? Nobody. But it’s not funny. Not clever enough. Just lies there.

Surely women are okay with quick darting glances from time to time. That’s only normal, right? Or is glancing of any kind considered gauche? I’ve noticed women admiring my broad shoulders from time to time and I say to myself “sure, fine.” Doesn’t bother me.

  • littlebigman

    Not funny?

    That’s, like, a huge compliment.

    It’s awful.

    What the fuck was she thinking in agreeing to do this? How was she approached even? How did she take the meeting?

  • dino velvet

    Mindblowingly bad. Maybe she’s just sick of being pigeonholed as an ultra serious actress. Shrug.

  • TimDG

    Nothing on that site has ever been funny.

  • Storm Serge

    Little too hostile for how old this is.

  • John Galt

    I’ve noticed women admiring my broad shoulders from time to time and I say to myself “sure, fine.”

    Classic Wells. Best laugh of the day. Thank you.

  • Deathtongue_Groupie

    It’s pretty much like every skit on SNL: it probably sounded so much funnier in the pitch.

  • DiscoNap

    1) It’s so random that Fichtner is in this. Nothing with him can ever truly be bad. 2) I only mention this because I know its a peeve of Wells, but this is about a year old.

  • Jeff and/or Danny Is Always Wrong

    Come on, even I chuckled at the saggy tits.

  • Rashad

    Best skit they had in a while

  • Wrecktem

    This doesn’t ring true because Cotillard, a gorgeous woman, simply doesn’t have much in the way of a rack to ogle. They needed a more buxom actress to make this work. On second thought….I don’t think anything would make it funny.

  • SpinDozer

    I notice that they like my shoulders too, only they think my shoulders are where my legs come together, weird.

  • RJ

    This is pretty old.

  • soskert

    I’ve noticed women admiring my broad shoulders from time to time and I say to myself “sure, fine.” – brilliant

    Hippie herb

  • fitness nutrition

    classic. yeah I get people checking myself out too.

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  • megageek

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