Slow Rollout

Dan McCarthy‘s abstract, sepia-toned one-sheet for Paddy Considine‘s Tyrannosaur (Strand Releasing, November) tells you it’s some kind of austere art film. It’s obviously striking but it conveys nothing of the tone of compassion and forgiveness that slips into the narrative during Act 2 and especially Act 3. The suggestion is mainly that someone or something ferocious will bite someone’s head off. And that’s only about a quarter…okay, a third of the whole pie.

Meanwhile Strand continues to not post a YouTube trailer, despite assurances passed along to this columnist on 6.15 (or about five weeks ago) that a trailer was “being finalized.” The film opens in the UK and Ireland in mid-October. Ten or eleven weeks from the UK opening and there’s no trailer? Who opens a film this way?

16 thoughts on “Slow Rollout

  1. Wish this hadn’t gone to Strand. It really doesn’t have a fighting chance. Their biggest hit made $871,759 (Edge of Seventeen over a decade ago). This movie, sadly, is going to come and go very quickly.

  2. It’s a nice looking poster, but is there something we’re supposed to see in the trees? There must be some reason why the same tree is used three times (apart from extremely lazy photo-shopping), right?

  3. Art for this is elegant, but as noted, strangely photoshopped and I suspect, very very confusing for the average moviegoer and I mean the average art film moviegoer.

    I disagree with the pronouncement about going with Strand. They’re a terrific company and they generally do a great job for their films.

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