What Gives?

Either somebody at Movie City News didn’t get the memo, or David Poland decided to ease up on Islamic Jihad just this once. For the first time in many years Movie City News today linked to a story of mine on Hollywood Elsewhere. It’s been a longstanding policy of Poland’s to ferociously ignore anything I write. My policy, on the other hand, has always been to link to a Poland riff or post an excerpt whenever he writes something cool or nervy (like when he zings Nikki Finke).

I’m a fair-minded Anglo-Saxon Protestant — I don’t do Jihads. I’m presuming I’ll be back on the MCN Shit List after this, but it was nice to see the link.

23 thoughts on “What Gives?

  1. Are you sure this is the first time in many a moon? I feel like I’ve seen a link or two to you sometime in the not-so-distant past. Maybe I’m imagining things…

  2. In other words, come witness Master Wells as he contemplates the oral cavity of a bequeathed equine….

    Also, my LQTM take-away from this “I don’t do Jihads”. Just how narrow is the hair you had to split to forget several purges/pogroms?

    Actually, forget LQTM, I just LOL’d writing that out.

  3. Poland is not the only one who posts stories on MCN, but I imagine it still had to get his approval.


  4. One also has to get a little snicker out of the fact that Jeff’s link is right below one about a minor Star Wars actor.

  5. Jeff, Ray Pride does most of the links these days, although Poland gets in there now and then. In this case this was important breaking news for the film community that demanded to be seen–and Ray might have picked it up from my repost on Facebook. (You don’t have a Twitter button).

  6. If you keep your real beefs with people who never write anything worth linking to, and never will, you never actually HAVE to resort to anything you might refer to as “Islamic Jihad.” Works for me!

  7. Poland lacks Wells’ enthusiasm and zeal for movies – sometimes I wonder if Poland even likes movies – which is why HE >>>>>> MCN.

    There’s a reason the BYOB posts were/are the best part of The Hot Blog.

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