Flying Red Sonjas (NSFW)

This Danish TV spot for Fleggaard was uploaded last January, and actually dates back to spring 2010. Fleggaard is a kind of Danish Costco. (Although the stores are located just across the German border.) For all I know everyone has seen this thing except me. I was a virgin until today.

  • Tristan Eldritch2

    A good gig for whoever cast that thing.

  • Settled. Europe is better than America.

  • The Thing

    You know, I didn’t actually believe it at the time, but Eurotrip’s foreign (or local, however you see it) was stunningly accurate. The formula is so simple, yet so awesomely effective – nudity + hot girls = good advertising. No need to display the product or it’s benefits. Just boobs. Everywhere, boobs.

  • ulikestar

    I was a virgin until today.lizbeth blogNo need to display the product or it’s benefits. Just boobs. Everywhere, boobs

  • Edward Havens

    As I was watching, all I could think was the psychics. Considering they’d have to jump from a height of five or six miles up in order to form the message (expecting the terminal velocity to be approx. 125 MPH), those women would be diving in temperatures around 50-55 degrees. It’s impractical and irresponsible to have them jumping out only in panties and their packs. Thus, the ad is ineffective, no matter how hot the ladies are and how nice their boobs may be.

  • ChancetheGardener


    No one in Europe has Google? They’ll sit through idiocy like this just to see boobs?

    Seriously…this ad sucked.

  • Rashad

    Shitty ad. Fake boobs ruined it.

  • corey3rd

    that was almost an ad warning young ladies against the temptation of getting breast jobs from discount plastic surgeons.

  • cricket

    I thought Italian TV had the market cornered on crap like this.

    I guess the production values were a little better here.

  • arch451

    Edward Havens:

    I am perplexed by you commenting on the impracticality of skydiving without clothes while ignoring the impossibility of landing safely without a parachute. There are some gaping holes in your mastery of physics.

  • Edward Havens

    Arch, I didn’t watch the entire commercial the first time. I skipped to around the part I gave up on it and watched it again, and I agree that little blondie would have been far worse off than Joe Gillis when she hit the water.

  • arch451


  • Anthony Thorne

    arch451 – Despite the bulk of Edward Haven’s initial post, he actually said that all he could think of ‘was the psychics’. I personally believe he was attuned to the visionary folk like myself who just knew in advance without looking that there would an ad with skydiving chicks with their tits out on Hollywood Elsewhere today.

    Spanish TV is also blessed with abundant nudity of this nature. Check the hilarious ‘career highlights’ reel from sleazemeister Jess Franco’s career that was shown during the Goya awards on national TV there as an example (if you can find it as I can’t find the link myself).

    Natural boobs would have been better but I still congratulate the makers of this ad for their balls in seeing this important concept through.

  • guo

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