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Similar to Joel Schumacher‘s Trespass, that Nic Cage-Nicole Kidman hostage thriller, Michael Brandt‘s The Double — an espionage thriller starring Richard Gere and Topher Grace — is another another nearly-straight-to-DVD release. It’s opening in roughly 100 theaters nationwide on 9.23 before hitting disc. Image Entertainment is distributing.

  • dino velvet

    I don’t get it…both movies have recognizable stars and solid sounding plots, couldn’t they squeeze out a $12 million opening weekend on each, or is it just not worth it?

  • raygo

    I suspect there’s a contractual requirement for Kidman and Gere guaranteeing theatrical opening before video.

  • Joe Leydon

    Actually, if it would have gone direct to video, it would have been something like the third Richard Gere movie to do so. And Gere, mind you, is hardly the only one with that sort of track record. Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas and Samuel L. Jackson are in the same ballpark.

  • Terry McCarty

    As far as direct-to-DVD Gere goes, neither HACHI nor THE FLOCK were bad films.

  • Eloi Wrath

    There are hundreds of these every year. Simple reason being there are TOO MANY FILMS. There are like eight major releases on any given weekend now. No wonder some of them fall through the cracks. Slow it dowwwwwwwwwn, Hollywood.

    That said, nobody is going to line up to see Topher Grace in anything. He could use a TV show. Perhaps one on USA Network or TNT in which he plays a wacky lawyer/detective.

  • Kakihara

    Thanks for summarizing the entire fucking movie, *and* ruining it with a spoiler, Hollywood.

  • Kakihara

    Worst part is the title’s going to confuse people with the upcoming Dostoevsky adaptation which will further confuse people who saw that Aronofsky Perfect Blue remake, which is getting an unofficial sequel.

  • BobbyLupo

    That’s not going to confuse anybody, DZ, because most people aren’t as stupid as you.

  • dino velvet

    Yeah maybe there are too many films – there are FOUR major releases on each of the last three weekends in September.

    Having said that, I don’t see what’s so non-commercial about either of these films that they’re getting the shove. Are you telling me these couldn’t do better than Fright Night or Columbiana?

  • Krillian

    Never heard of Trespass until this morning when I happened to check Apple for new trailers. It looks like the same plot as Firewall or Desperate Hours, but Cage/Kidman seem marquee enough to get a decent opening weekend.

    I wanted to see The Flock until it went straight to DVD. If a movie can’t even get a couple screens in theaters, it just doesn’t seem like a real movie. There are movies and there is TV, but that awful limbo tweener land known as “Straight to DVD” just feels like everyone’s efforts were a waste. Even those Nick Stahl movies that make about $5000 before hitting DVD the next month are movies. “Straight to DVD” is a death sentence.

    Last straight-to-DVD title I saw: White Noise 2 with Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff. Pretty bad. Deserved its fate, it did.

  • DiscoNap

    That really is a ridiculously revealing trailer, at the same time I’d have no interest in the movie had I not known that Gere was back in full Internal Affairs mode.

  • nicole36

    I watched this movie trailers its amazing I defiantly watch the double movie soon

  • ulikestar

    There are movies and there is TV, but that awful limbo tweener land known as “Straight to DVD” just feels like everyone’s efforts were a waste.kody blogMorgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas and Samuel L. Jackson are in the same ballpark.

  • StevenKar

    Well, the title alone spoils the surprise.

  • Savage Brit

    I hope Gere joins the cast of EXPENDABLES 2, as this is a cable movie.

  • JLC

    Sorry, try as I might, I just can’t see Grace as anything other than Eric Forman on That 70s Show. He’s talented within his very limited range, but to me he’s just an even more low key Michael Cera.

    I guess he worked okay in Take Me Home Tonight, since that was in his slacker wheelhouse. But even Spider-Man 3 was stretching it. And as a secret agent? Not for me, anyway.

  • JLC

    And if Lex were here, I do believe he would have something to say about Gere’s hairline.

  • Chicago48

    Joe and Eloi are right. But let’s face it….some of these so-called topline movies need to go straight to TV movie.

  • Joe Leydon

    Something else to remember: Just because it seems to be a DTV release in the US doesn’t mean it’s DTV everywhere else.

  • alberto783

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