• Ray DeRousse

    I agree with it, too.

    How about Pacino’s performance in this? It’s so close to going over the top, but instead just sucks you in. It’s akin to Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump or Dustin Hoffmann in Rainman. All of these are high-risk performances that could’ve easily sunk their respective films.

  • JLC

    I gotta disagree, Ray. Pacino’s performance in Scarface is so far over the top, it forgets where the bottom is. It sets a standard, perhaps never exceeded, for scenery chewing. His Cuban accent alone should have it’s own wing at the Academy.

    But you know what? I’m 100% okay with that. We’ve had it hammered into us for decades that acting should be “naturalistic,” forgetting that the performances we really remember and come back to again and again are just that- Performances with a capital “P.” I want to see characters, and Tony Montana is one of the best.

  • pajamas

    Okay, but just to be clear, the movie itself is at odds with Tony’s simplistic “theology.”

    Though the movie’s theology (“people sin and God’s wrath slams down on them”) is none too complex itself.

  • Ray DeRousse

    @ JLC – I’m not sure that Pacino’s performance in Scarface is even the most over-the-top one in HIS career, let alone anyone else’s. Is this any worse than his performance in Godfather 3? Or is it even in the same ballpark with Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest?

    Still, I think you get what I mean about how this performance nearly sinks the film, but still works within it.

  • John Robie

    I’m Cuban. Pacino’s accent is 100% correct for the country and the era. It’s not a Miami Cuban accent, it’s the accent of somebody from Havana in the 70s. Never sounded exaggerated to me or my friends. In fact, if it does deserve its own wing at the Academy, it would be for the research and the exacting work he did in replicating it.

  • CinemaPhreak

    When rap is finished joining rock & roll in the cultural store room, this movie will join FLASHDANCE & FOOTLOOSE as you-had-to-be-there kitsch. Campy, darkly humorous fun but something the Movie Godz sneer at to be sure.

  • JLC

    Good to know about the accent. I live in Florida and most Florida Cubans I know have a much gentler accent. I’ll take your word that it’s authentic “Cuba Cuban” because, well, wow.

    And Ray, I don’t think his performance nearly sinks the film at all. The whole movie is basically about wretched excess. Had Pacino gone low key, like in the first two Godfathers or Glengarry Glen Ross, it wouldn’t have worked at all. The part demands larger-than-life (Muni plays it the same way) and Pacino brings the thunder.

  • Geoff

    I’m probably the only one who thinks this, but I actually put Pacino’s performance as Scarface in the same ballpark as Day Lewis’ in There Will be Blood – I’m not kidding, Daniel Plainview IS that movie and that performance is wonderfully over the top.

  • caoni

    I’m probably the only one who thinks this, but I actually put Pacino’s performance as Scarface in the same ballpark as Day.it’s the accent of somebody from Havana in the 70s.“>http://chauncey.muleblackuggs.com”>chauncey Never sounded exaggerated to me or my friends.

  • Ray DeRousse

    @ Geoff – I completely agree with you about that. I didn’t care for TWBB the first time I saw it, mainly because I thought Daniel Day Lewis was just too much.

  • Totally agree on that daniel day lewis part.. indeed too much for me

  • hollywoodss
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