• roland1824

    Freudian slip in there – ‘crickets’ for ‘critics’. Hilarious. And telling…?

  • CinemaPhreak

    Yes, very telling – that you don’t know that “crickets” is newspaper slang for critics.

    Although this is 2 weeks old. Was wondering why post about White without an outlet.

  • Tristan Eldritch2

    Dunno what the slip might reveal – that movie critics are really, really small insectile creatures that make a lot of noise from the shadows?

  • Tristan Eldritch2

    Um, or perhaps the fact that it is a popular newspaper slang term for critics.

  • Gabe@ThePlaylist

    Armond needs a goddamned TV show.

  • corey3rd

    so does this mean that Armond is booted from the NYFCC? or have they adjusted membership so that you can still vote if your website is “based in NYC?”

  • DiscoNap

    Had the pleasure of being up in NY to read White’s split review of The Help and Rise of the Planet of the Apes a few weeks back. The man is a nut, but honestly one of the better film reviews I’ve read in awhile.

  • Mr. F.

    True or false: the NY Press shut down the print publication due to Hurricane Irene.

    Okay, okay — I know it’s false… I just thought that since it had been a couple hours since the last mention of Irene on HE, I needed to prod Wells to pick up the pace.

  • Gaydos

    For the record, I both enjoy and respect Armond’s take on the film arts and film commerce.

    And I’m not sure that his ratio of hits and misses is drastically different than any other critic in the biz, especially when I factor in the herd mentality and mass acceptance of dreck that should be dismissed with a swift kick, but for the the needs of the American critics’ bosses and their own lapses of tastes, ignorance of the film arts and assorted neurotic insecurities.

    (For the record, Armond DID NOT review “Road to Nowhere,” and when/if he does I will be hiding under my desk just like every other filmmaker who might be t-boned by his wrecklessly-driven prose.)

    This is a purely high spiritual plane appreciation of a maverick voice, one that is thorny, even strident, which I welcome after reading dozens of pablum-soaked treatises on the virtues of flavors of the week and the endless drivel of the Awards Season Consensei who ponderously decree who/what must be viewed seriously, despite the so often obvious no means of aristic support to warrant such raining praise, while overlooking the values and virtues of films and filmmakers that Armond fearlessly stands alone saying, “Hey, there’s something over here you missed.”

    “Jonah Hex!” WTF??? How dare he?????

    Relax. Have a drink. He’s a rebel, just like The Crystals said!

    Long may Armond speak truth to the Railroad Industy and bring unconventional opinions to the polite table where conventional wisdumb is unquestioningly consumed and long may he, Old Testamentally afflict the comfortable cozy flock of pontificating crickets!

  • Rashad

    I will say Armond is at least a true critic and gives his point of view on a movie, rather than the Ebert type who spends most of the page regurgitating the synopsis.

  • White’s contrarianism often gets way too much hype. His failing as a critic is his terrible, didactic, overwritten, tangled, sometimes borderline-nonsensical prose. It’s his prose that makes his contrarian opinions sound so stupid, not the mere fact that he likes something like Jonah Hex or whatever. I’m all for challenging conventional wisdom on any number of movies. White just falls over himself to do so, and his writing is downright tiring to read.

  • lipranzer

    Jesse, dead-on on the tiresome prose, but I’d also add the fact White, rarely, if ever, let the facts get in the way of any of his arguments that made him such a tiring critic to read.

    Having said that, I don’t see this as the end for him. I’m sure someone will hire him for the controversy and press he gets.

  • George Prager

    What year did THE BRAVE ONE come out? I swear, that year he compared every movie that he reviewed to THE BRAVE ONE.

  • zumpano


    Apparently you never read Ebert.

    Misinformed as always.

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  • Bob Hightower

    I agree with Gaydos that Armond White gets a bad rap for being a fearless and individualistic reviewer with a lively and provocative prose style (so what’s not to like?). And he is one reviewer who is not afraid to champion Steven Spielberg, whom posterity will record as one of the master filmmakers working in this era, even if some people with their heads in the sand don’t recognize it.

  • Joe Gillis

    Bob, I agree that it can be refreshing to read good reviews for films that most critics don’t give a fair assessment of, but Armond White is contrarian to the point of sheer idiocy. If you actually take the time to read WHY he’s against some of the filmmakers he’s against, his reasons often don’t make sense. Everyone’s entitled to his or her opinion, but to paraphrase Gene Siskel, there’s a difference sometimes between having an opinion and being wrong, and when Armond White dismisses Sidney Lumet as being a talentless director, or Pixar for making soulless movies, he is WRONG. One need only look at those incredible bodies of work to recognize that.

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