“Oh, Are They?”

I was going to embed A.O. Scott‘s Critics Picks’ essay about Nicholas Ray’s In A Lonely Place, but the N.Y. Times tech guys, as usual, haven’t posted this video on YouTube yet. So the hell with it. Instead, in honor of the forthcoming Criterion Bluray of Wes Anderson‘s Rushmore, here’s Scott’s essay about that, posted two years and two months ago.

  • lens darkly

    The New York Times – for reasons best known to themselves – have disabled embedding of their youtube videos. You can only view them on youtube site itself.

    The embed code for the nytimes.com video is:

  • lens darkly

    Oh okay – not allowed to post code – fair enough.

    I’ll email it through.

  • lens darkly

    In case anyone is wondering I got a message from youtube just yesterday that the NewYorkTimes youtube channel has disabled embedding.

    Maybe thats just changed recently or only applies to new videos.

  • caoni

    I got a message from youtube just yesterday that the NewYorkTimes youtube channel has disabled embedding.genie blogYou can only view them on youtube site itself.

  • JLC

    Rushmore may have my favorite final scene in a movie, ever.

  • Rainna520

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