Oscar Poker #46

With Phil Contrino‘s wifi knocked out by the moderate tropical rainstorm that began as Hurricane Irene, yesterday’s Oscar Poker was just between Sasha Stone and myself. We talked about Hurricane Irene and possible Telluride Film Festival selections and the most likely Best Picture contenders. Here’s a non-iTunes, stand-alone link.

  • austin111

    Couldn’t help but think, while I’m listening to you goofs talk off the hurricane like it was nothing, of the poor folks in Vermont, Connecticut, upstate New York and New Jersey who undoubtedly would disagree with you hugely. Vermont has been and is being torn apart by major flooding as are parts of Connecticut and New Jersey. Jeez guys — while it’s true that the media gave this one the big build up, it’s just as true that hurricanes and even tropical storms can cause tons of misery to plenty of people, even a death here and there. So big deal, I guess! Sorry, but you guys sound callous and almost as stupid as the weather people. I got so disgusted listening to you that I decided it wasn’t worth listening any more.

  • Filmsnob

    @austin111: Boo fucking Hoo. Did Jeffrey and Sasha hurt your feelings? People die everyday, get over it.

  • berg

    oh gosh… SEVEN DAYS IN UTOPIA … may be the passion of the sports metaphor for modern conservs… I’ve never seen a sports film end on the final play/out/putt and then have the camera pull away before the reveal and have Duvall’s voice-over remind “It’s not a matter of whether he made the putt … it’s a matter of his soul blah-de-blah-de-dee …. ” …. very effective film but I’ve been in Utopia albeit not in 25 years, but at the time I was location scouting for a television commercial and I auditioned all the schoolkids from grades K to 6 (there’s only one school period) and it’s the whitest town in the world …..don’t get me wrong, SDIU is very well made but there are so many ways you can interpret this film

  • ulikestar

    I guess! Sorry, but you guys sound callous and almost as stupid as the weather people.http://lizbeth.fivefingersjaya.com“ title=”lizbeth blog”>lizbeth blog I got so disgusted listening to you that I decided it wasn’t worth listening any more.don’t get me wrong, SDIU is very well made but there are so many ways you can interpret this film

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  • MeetInMontauk

    I wonder if the “Irene 40” makes more of an impression on Jeff than the “Irene 11.”

  • guany

    Uh, Albert Nobbs was picked up by Roadside almost two months ago….

  • zumpano

    Wells, loved your “huh/wha?!?!” at Sasha’s suggestion that The Help director could be nominated.

  • Discman

    I wrote about this in Jeffrey’s earlier thread dismissing the impact of this storm. He responded with vehemence — how DARE I question him! Within 24 hours the horrors of the storm became more obvious, covered extensively. I was waiting for a mea culpa. Instead, Jeffrey doubles down with Sasha about how the media over-reacted, etc.

  • Discman

    Hey, just got to the part where Jeffrey comments on my earlier post. I’ll hold my fire until I finish listening.

  • Discman

    I’m not quite finished. Thought I’d escape without the “Americans who vote for Perry are all STOOPID” rants that have been part of each of the recent Oscar Pokers, but nope, there it is.

    As for comments about my earlier posts, Jeffrey simply restated his position. No mention of the horrors that have unfolded in the storm’s wake over the past few days.

  • Mr. F.

    Discman: when Wells says “New York” — he only means Manhattan. That’s the only part that really matters. So technically, he’s not incorrect.

    Shame about Vermont… but who gives a crap about those saps? I mean, they aren’t Perry voters… but still. All their stupid WHINING about a mere tropical storm. Babies.

  • Mr. F.

    Also, the incomparable Nate Silver weighs in… with some actual, uh, EVIDENCE… that Irene lived up to the hype:


    Then again, that’s from the New York Times, so you know it’s biased toward liberal “facts” and left-leaning “statistics”…

  • nick0i3

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