Railroad Men

Last Saturday morning I reported that (a) a March 2009 draft of Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott‘s The Lone Ranger script was about Native American mysticism and a werewolf predator that tore men into pieces, and that (b) the CG needed for the werewolf stuff was at least one of the reasons for the film’s $250 million budget, which Disney execs felt was excessive and led them to shut the movie down.

Now The Hollywood Reporter‘s Kim Masters is reporting that the spirits-and- werewolf stuff has been “jettisoned” and that “sources who have read recent drafts” say they contain “three massive action set pieces involving trains remain, including one described as the biggest train sequence in film history.”

Okay, fine — werewolves out, trains in. Does anyone have a draft with these three train sequences? Not that it matters much now. Honestly? If I was Jerry Bruckheimer and Gore Verbinksi, I would’ve kept the werewolves and put them on the train (make them into the owners or engineers or whatever) and called the movie The Lone Ranger Meets The Werewolf Train.

23 thoughts on “Railroad Men

  1. Luke Y. Thompson on said:

    Enough is ENOUGH! I have HAD IT with these motherfuckin’ werewolves on this motherfuckin’ TRAIN!

    Somebody had to say it.

  2. It makes sense to use trains. Then Disney can re-brand the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride as a Lone Ranger ride. Which would do a lot to perk up Frontierland.

  3. They should pretend it’s a prequel to Unstoppable, with Hammer as Pine and Depp as Washington. Only this time it’s a steam train, and will presumably slow down as soon as the coal runs out.

  4. Wells, scripts as a rule don’t do justice to an action sequence. Everybody remembers this classic scene from THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, right?


    Roughly 3 1/2 minutes long (starts at 0:40), yet in the script it is described thusly:

    “He enters the graveyard.”

    Four words. That’s all. The rest was Leone, Morricone, Delli Colli and the team of editors.

  5. LONE RANGER: LEGEND OF THE SILVER BULLET. It sells itself! These dudes cowrote Alladin, how jarring did we think these werewolves were gonna be?

  6. I read this awesome thriller called The Wolf’s Hour years ago that had a James Bond type spy who was also a werewolf battling Nazis during WWII. One of the major action setpieces was on a train with the werewolf hero battling more over the type Nazi supervillains as we worked his way up the train.

    Super high concept stuff. I’m surprised nobody has thought about resurrecting this one for Hollywood.

  7. Trains>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.Werewolves

    Trains are the coolest vehicles, and this is probably the real reason I’ll never vote Republican. As long as they’re against AMTRAK and high speed rail (and freight trains for that matter), they will remain UNCOOL. Mankind will never surpass trains in terms of cool vehicles. Ever.

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