The Color Yellow

Jim Field Smith‘s Butter will play the 2011 Toronto Film Festival, of course, but you never know if it’ll appear somewhere else first. I’ve been avoiding reading about it, to be honest. I mean, a little-girl orphan in Iowa (Yara Shahidi) with a natural butter-carving talent entering an annual butter-carving competition? Going up against the ambitious wife (Jennifer Garner) of the reigning champion (Ty Burrell)?

I know we’re not supposed to judge a movie by its synopsis, but still…

14 thoughts on “The Color Yellow

  1. George Prager on said:

    Kind of reminds me of Henry Koster’s pitch to Richard Zanuck, as chronicled by John Gregory Dunne:,9171,900965,00.html

    Who finances these things?

  2. wasn’t this intended to “really” be a satire of the Obama/Hilary nomination battle?

    Color me skeptical. Greater directors have bobbled these efforts before.

  3. This seemed really great for a while, with an original setting, clearly defined characters with clear goals and so forth. But when Hugh Jackman said “…if you liked Little Miss Sunshine” I somehow wanted to strangle him rather than watch his movie. Don’t tell me which movie a movie “is like”! Also, Fargo has zilch to do with Sunshine

  4. Greater directors have bobbled these efforts before.But when Hugh Jackman said “..philbert blog.if you liked Little Miss Sunshine” I somehow wanted to strangle him rather than watch his movie.

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