Visitors With Cameras

Albert BrooksReal Life “hammers on a conundrum ducked by most documentaries, An American Family included: no matter how unobtrusive a filmmaker tries to be, his subject is still likely to react to the cameras by subtly altering his behavior, thereby making existence into a kind of performance, infusing life with fiction’s DNA and creating a hybrid monster that’s at once real and unreal.” — from a “Press Play” essay on this 1979 film by Robert Nishimura and Matt Zoller Seitz.

  • CinemaPhreak

    Nowhere is the social manifestation of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle more visible than in observational documentaries, especially with the filmmakers in direct, constant contact with the subject(s). It’s why outside of a few random episodes of The Real World back in the 90’s, I have no interest in “reality TV.”

  • imagineUtopia

    I used to have that on something. VCR I guess. If I have that on DVD I’d like to watch it again.

    That’s an awesome movie.

    I’m in the middle of 2030 right now. Wonder if Brooks would like to make a movie of that. Show the real scope of it.

  • corey3rd

    the only reality TV show is the one that used to have old security cam and police cam footage. Otherwise, it’s all done for the entertainment of the viewers.

  • caoni

    I have no interest in “reality TV.” Wonder if Brooks would like to make a movie of that.kieran blog Show the real scope of’s all done for the entertainment of the viewers.

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