I just bought this the other day. Excellent visual and sound values for a 1960 film. But they should have called this western semi-classic The Magnificent Six. Because Robert Vaughn‘s aloof, relentlessly self-regarding gunslinger does nothing throughout the entire film. He talks incessantly about his issues and how he has to prove he’s still got it. But does he even shoot his weapon? He pulls it out, yes, but does he fire? At anyone or anything?

  • BobbyLupo

    Robert Vaughn kills the bandits who are imprisoning the townspeople, and he does it after putting his gun back in his belt, so he can quick-draw against them, instead of going in guns blazing.

  • BobbyLupo

    that sounds a bit vague, doesn’t it? Specifically, there are a few bandits indoors, and a few townspeople in an actual prison cell or something like that. I believe he kills three of them in that scene.

    The one who does nothing is Harry Luck.

  • cyanic

    OT: Jeff do you keep in touch with LexG?

  • moviemaniac2002

    Always thought that Vaughn, finally finding his last ounce of nerve and courage, spraying fast-gun death at the bandits …. one of the film’s most rousing bits…and something like 20 years later, he pops up in the ‘Mag 7 In Space’ Corman cheese-fest “Battle Beyond The Stars”….playing pretty much the identical role.

  • Rashad

    Even he killed some.

    Vaughn had one of the best exchanges in the movies:

    Vaugh: Insults swallowed -none. Enemies – none

    Chris: No enemies?

    Vaughn: Alive.

  • Wrecktem

    BobbyLupo is right. Brad Dexter is the truly worthless one. In fact, the movie should be called the Magnificent Four. Horst pretty much blew too.

  • Jeffrey Wells

    LexG says he’s contemplating returning to the annals of HE commentary, but he’s afraid of that banned asshole Rollo Tomasi, who once threatened to air some private laundry of some kind. LexG talks tough and cool, but Clint Eastwood in The Outlaw Josey Wales he’s not.

  • Mr. F.

    Waitaminit — Lex is staying away because of *Rollo Tomasi*?!


  • Kakihara

    What the hell would Lex have to hide at this point? He’s an open book.

  • actionlover

    Yeah, and “Rollo Tomasi” was in the midst of contacting the authorities (the 6th Precinct I think it was) to have me arrested / investigated for “threatening” to have sex with his son.

    And yet here I remain. A free man.

    hang on…someone’s at the door…..

  • Krillian

    Wait, so Lex isn’t Todd Blake?

    Yeah, I felt like Horst was the weak link of the Seven. Maybe it was his acting.

  • Mr. F.

    Maybe M7 doesn’t even qualify as a “semi-classic” if we can’t even agree on who the worst of the group was…

  • BobbyLupo

    Wow, suddenly bringing up Lex in a conversation about Robert Vaughn’s character in ‘The Magnificent Seven’ doesn’t seem so off-topic.

  • BobbyLupo

    “Horst pretty much blew too.”

    He impressed Britt and Chris. And they have seen some things in their time, and done them too.

  • Tristan Eldritch2

    Regarding the Magnificent Six; I’ve always thought that, technically, The Great Escape should have been called The Great Recapture, which is essentially what it depicts. Might have been harder to sell that way, though.

  • Rashad

    I liked Horst a lot, and really liked they conflated two characters from SS to make his. Since the movie is about removing the myth of the gunslinger, seeing him stay in the village and having Chris and Vin ride of together is a perfect ending.

  • BobbyLupo

    And now DZ will chime in about how Brad Dexter is the best one…

  • The Pope

    The Magnificent Six just doesn’t resonate. In terms of syllabic flow, it stops short. Maybe that’s what made them decide on Seven. And you know, they were able to create out a few really interesting characters, a few of them with real arcs, while some others were only half-filled out. And then they found the hadn’t a seventh good one and they hoped to get away with it. And you know what, they did. That is until Jeff called them on it.

    But I don’t buy it. Something tells me that they took the whole idea from some other film. Some space picture, Battle Beyond the Stars. Anyone seen it? I think some Japanese dude directed it. Or was it Ringo Lam. You know, the guy who did Reservoir Dogs.

  • Mr. F.

    Lupo: I think it’s more likely that he posts about how it’s a total ripoff of “Shichinin No Samurai.”

  • caoni

    I liked Horst a lot, and really liked they conflated two characters from SS to make his. Since the movie is about removing the myth of the gunslinger, chauncey blog And then they found the hadn’t a seventh good one and they hoped to get away with it. And you know what, they did. That is until Jeff called them on it.

  • Ray

    HOLY SHIT, the spambots are getting CREEPY.

    How long before they start writing more coherently than DZ?

  • Mr. F.

    Funny you ask, Ray — have you seen the recording of DZ talking to his mother?


  • chad_pole

    Jeff – Speaking of “excellent sound values,” I’m surprised you didn’t complain about the out of sync audio issue on this disc, starting around 1:24 but really apparent at the 1:47 mark.

  • DeafEars

    “The Magnificent Six just doesn’t resonate.”

    Yeah, and it would’ve fucked up that cool Clash song too.

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