19 thoughts on “Excellent, Hah-Hah

  1. Versus on said:

    Bravo, Onion. The best part is the airbrushed outrage by the 24-hour news talking heads.

  2. Hasn’t been an overreaction by authorities this asinine since Boston went overboard with the AQUA TEAM HUNGER FORCE movie promotion and then shook down Turner for $2M for their own stupidity.

  3. The problem was that the first of their tweets didn’t contain any link to the article, and also didn’t appear to have a punchline (those came in subsequent tweets), so it looked “serious” compared to the usual Onion tweets. But I don’t understand how anyone who actively chose to follow the Onion on Twitter thought anything they tweeted was serious at all, ever. Very strange.

  4. Our government sold guns to cartels under a program called “Fast and Furious.” That’s funnier than their story, and it has benefit of being true.

  5. Rashad, since you seem to be one of the wingers obsessed with Fast & Furious (which was retarded, no doubt), I’ll ask you: What exactly do you think Bahrain, Israel, Pakistan etc. do with the weapons we sell them legally?

  6. Working 6 blocks away from the Capitol, I found their first tweet to be totally irresponsible. Yeah, it’s the Onion, so I looked for confirmation from the other news outlets right away (and of course found none). But the tweet said simply “Shots reported at the Capitol”. This this morning after they announce the arrest of a man who planned to fly remotely controlled explosive planes into the Capitol and White House. What a poorly timed stunt.

    Was the article at least funny?

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