Two thoughts after seeing David Cronenberg‘s A Dangerous Method for the second time last night. Keira Knightley is still the spark of the film — things would be too dry and measured without her jaw-jutting intensity. And the talkiness plays better the second time. You go in knowing what it is and accepting that, and you settle into Christopher Hampton‘s script like an easy chair. Here‘s my original review.

Following last night’s Academy screening of David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method (l. to r.): Sony Pictures Classics co-honcho Michael Barker, Cronenberg, producer Jeremy Thomas, SPC co-honcho Tom Bernard.

At last night’s A Better Life DVD debut party (l. to r.): Stefanie Sherk, Better Life star Damien Bichir, actress Magi Avila.

A Better Life director Chris Weitz, wife Mercedes Martinez.

Laura d Holesch, director Phillip Noyce at the Dangerous Method party.

9 thoughts on “Cronies

  1. Jeff, I have to say, I agree with most of your original review except the bit about CGI New York, which looked absolutely TERRIBLE to my eye, especially when they move closer and the layers shift so artificially.

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