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  1. dino velvet on said:


  2. Looks better than the last one. That’s not saying much though. And do we really need Simon Pegg as the ‘comic relief’ – really – can we not just make an intelligent action thriller anymore?

  3. Pegg doesn’t really seem to be comic relief as much in this. I think you’re just assuming because he’s a funny man he’ll serve that role here. I kind of hope not. I think he could easily play a hardass professional, as the first half hour of Hot Fuzz demonstrates. But anyway, this is the LIVE ACTION DEBUT OF BRAD BIRD. WHY AREN’T YOU ALL MORE EXCITED? IF HE NAILS THIS, HE MAY GET TO DO REALLY AWESOME THINGS. And unless you’re one of those pissy idiots that absolutely associate an actor’s personal life with their onscreen appearances, Tom Cruise is still an ACTION GOD. I don’t give a shit about his Scientology or his weird marriage. He is still THE MAN. Sorry to get a little LexG-ish, but I fundamentally do not understand the mindset of people not excited for this.

  4. @MechanicalShark: Well, judging by his lines in the trailer Pegg is there for comic relief.

    But yeah, Brad Bird hasn’t screwed up yet. Fingers crossed this is cool.

  5. Looks okay, but I wish they’d tone down the implausible Cruise surviving things that no ordinary mortal could possibly survive factor. Happens at least three times in the trailer. Plus “Who are you, really?” has been a staple of parodies for years now.

  6. MUCH better trailer than the last one. Looks brilliant. That whole assassination set-piece was pretty nicely executed (lol) and Cruise-power running down the building at speed is very cool.

    As for those complaining about comic relief: lighten up. James Bond ditches Q and you all bitch about how it’s too serious now. There’s no middle ground.

    That said, some of the CGI looks a little ropey.

  7. @MechanicalShark: Well, judging by his lines in the trailer Pegg is there for comic relief.

    But yeah, Brad Bird hasn’t screwed up yet. Fingers crossed this is cool.

  8. The Russians are not happy about the Kremlin getting whacked in this film. Have reportedly banned Cruise from visiting Russia and demanded he immediately return Medvedev’s elevator shoes.

  9. With this and ROCK OF AGES — it’ll be one of the biggest years for Cruise. ROCK will become one of the highest grossing musical films ever and MISSION will be the biggest hit of the franchise. Expect a lot of “Cruise makes his comeback” articles. Sayin’.

  10. Cyanic — that won’t happen until a day or two before Wells has an interview scheduled with Patton, and she decides to check out HE.com to see what the site’s all about.

  11. @TimDG — Good joke. Watching a horror marathon last night, the resemblance really is striking.

    I’ve already posted a decent amount on this movie series in previous M:I 4 entries here, but is it fair to say that since the very awesome Goldeneye, the Impossibles have sorta supplanted the Bonds as the go-to fun, mainstream spy flicks?

    I know a lot of people really loved the Casino Royale reboot (I liked it well enough, but that seems to translate as “hate” in most circles), but — beyond that — hasn’t that franchise been more or less DOA for a pretty long while now? QOS was abysmal.

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