Mission Accomplished

Hollywood Elsewhere’s Tyrannosaur screening fundraising campaign became a complete success this morning when the collected amount topped $2000. Many thanks to all the Good Samaritans — you know who you are. The plan is to have three screenings. So far I’ve gotten verbal assurances for the Aidikoff Screening Room on Thursday, 10.27, at 4 pm, the Interactive Screening Room on Monday, 10.31 at 7:30 pm, and the Sunset Screening Room on Wednesday, November 2nd at 4 pm.

I’m figuring that between these three dates most of the necessary movers & shakers will be able to attend.

I’ve been saying all along that Tyrannosaur‘s Olivia Colman could just as easily be seen as a Best Supporting Actress contender as a possible Best Actress nominee, but either way it’s heartening that Colman has now cracked her way into the Gold Derby Best Actress list. Thanks to Movieline‘s Stu Van Airsdale, Indiewire‘s Anne Thompson and Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone for giving the fundraising drive some needed attention.

  • lise

    Thanks Jeff. I am one happy camper right now.

  • WoolSweater

    This scenario: Olivia Colman, gliding up to the podium of the Kodak Theatre on February 26 of next year and, before a worldwide audience, thanking one (I’ll say it: deserving) Jeffrey Wells for his help in getting her this unlikely and unexpected acknowledgment from her peers.

    I need to sit down.

  • K. Bowen


    Now, who is going to attend? Or is it just going to be you, Sasha, LexG and Glenn Kenny?

  • The Pope

    Without any irony, The Pope commends you on a very good crusade. The movie has been on release on this week on this side of the pond for the last couple of weeks so we have not had a problem in seeing it. Good movie. Great performances. Good on you Jeff.

  • gooddog

    Now what about Demian Bichir? I haven’t seen Tyrranosaur yet, but I did see A Better Life because of Jeffrey Wells’ recommendation, and was absolutely mesmerized by his performance. The film was well directed, however very derivative of The Bicycle Thief, but Demian Bichir blew me away. Any hope for him getting a nomination?

  • Sasha Stone

    Not to be a buzzkill or anything but there’s a ways to go yet. This is a screening — there are lots of other films screening, lots and lots of other contenders….does not guarantee an Oscar nomination. Start with the SAG.

  • Dean

    Need to just stick to Best Actress because if people start to get confused, she’s doomed.

  • lise

    SAG…. ok, how to target the actors to see the film? All actors want good roles. This film has three excellent ones. Appeal to their creativity? “This is the role you’ve been waiting for”.. that sort of thing. Make them want to see the roles that got away. Make them imagine themselves playing the role.

  • lazarus

    Bravo, Jeff.

    If only more bloggers acted as advocates than simply trying to read the stale tea leaves of obvious contenders, this town would be a better place.

    Hopefully, this is the start of a trend.

  • Gabriel

    Just out of curiosity – are all of the people who contributed invited to the screenings as well? Or are they just for accredited journalists?

  • Matthew Starr

    That would be messed up if someone contributed to the screening and was not invited.

  • Rashad

    FYC Peter Mullan for War Horse


  • Jeffrey Wells

    All the Good Samaritans who contributed are welcome to attend any of these three screenings.

  • Jeffrey Wells

    Written by Sasha Stone (who for some reason was unable to post this herself)…

    “Wrong, Lazarus — that’s all people do is advocate, advocate, advocate. You aren’t paying close enough attention….no one has yet gone this far but trust me, almost every blogger on the beat has a cause. Some of them are more subtle about it than others.

    “SAG…. ok, how to target the actors to see the film? All actors want good roles. This film has three excellent ones. Appeal to their creativity? “This is the role you’ve been waiting for”.. that sort of thing. Make them want to see the roles that got away. Make them imagine themselves playing the role.”

    “No, get big stars to endorse the contender. Walk the line, chat people up at parties, make yourself known — I see they’ve done lots of press over in England – they have to do more of that over here. Even with all of that it’s still a tough competition. To get into Actress she this lineup to knock one out of:

    “Meryl Streep, Iron Lady

    Glenn Close, Albert Nobbs

    Michelle Williams, My Week with Marilyn

    Viola Davis, The Help

    Tilda Swinton, We Need to Talk About Kevin

    “And then:

    Charlize Theron, Young Adult

    Rooney Mara, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    Keira Knightley, A Dangerous Method

    Michelle Yeoh, The Lady

    “To name a few….

    “It’s a tough road to SAG and Oscar….it has to be better than all of those performances by a consensus.

    “But in the end, Jeff will have done a good deed and all of those who contributed — those who ponied up the dough should be named and thanked, except the one anonymous donor, of course.”

  • Daviddb

    Congrats to Jeff…now we need to start another campaign to fly Olivia over here for press in NY/LA…That will keep attention focused where it clearly belongs: On Ms Colman’s no-doubt outstanding performance.

  • lazarus

    Really Sasha? That’s all people do is advocate? They don’t participate in things like the Gurus of Gold and pick from a shallow pool of likely suspects, and then blog some more about who won the little weekly contest?

    Come on.

    I know everyone has a cause, but writing an article or two about just ain’t gonna cut it. Another way to do something more constructive is to reconsider your participation in the Gurus of Gold and stop putting the same contender names down OVER. AND OVER. AGAIN.

    When we had this discussion last time, you never answered my most important question: What’s the penalty for putting down a bunch of longshots in your Gurus of Gold submission? Will they kick you out? Will you lose ad revenue?

    There is NOTHING to be gained by being right about The War Horse, The Artist, The Help, or whatever the perceived frontrunner is. But if all of the studio shills (which is what repeating these big names turns everyone into) put down their own personal choices instead, maybe people start talking about something else other than the same old, same old.

  • Sasha Stone

    The penalty? Other than being wrong? Are you actually proposing that the Gurus of Gold forget about being Oscar predictors and just instead be the Shoulds of Shit Town? Just pick what we want to get in there? Everyone has their wish list. Everyone writes for your consideration – Entertainment Weekly did it back before there were websites.

    I’ve been doing this for 13 years, pal. I’ve seen everything. Except this one thing Jeff just did. I’ve never seen that. In the end you come up against the notion that none of it really matters. In the end you have to ultimately acknowledge that what you’re talking about is what is going to appeal to a group of 6,000 upper middle class white very comfortable people who are mostly out of touch…you can scream at them until you’re blue in the face – Jeff can spend $20, $30 grand on Olivia Colman that isn’t going to make a bit of difference. I’ve talked to Academy members. They mostly don’t give a shit. Why? Because their vote is an anonymous one. No one knows who votes for what. They sit there and write down what they like, not what Jeff Wells or David Poland or I am telling them to vote for. It all comes down to personal preference and opinion. Who’s to say yours is any better than the guy whose been in the Academy for thirty years?

    There is advocacy everywhere you turn. But you are always going to be up against a consensus vote. That is, a lot of people agreeing on one thing. People like you and people like Wells pride yourselves on your unique taste. You pride yourselves on not going with the flow, not being a lemming – and then you turn around and ask everyone to agree with you to, in effect, become a lemming themselves – to not vote with their hearts but to listen to YOU.

    Big picture ain’t pretty. Influence only goes so far. Enough disappointments in how things turn out and eventually you, like almost everyone else, will throw up your hands and say, “fuck it.” Who gives a shit what “they” think.

    Well what do you know, I buried the lede.

  • Phil G

    I love Sasha not wanting to be a buzz kill and then taking the piss out of the entire thing. There’s a ways to go? Really? Thank you Captain Obvious and thanks for keeping it real for us.

  • K. Bowen

    I think Jeff should try the jury switch technique from The Untouchables in order to get his audience.

  • a1

    Incredible, just incredible.

    When have ordinary people who love film ever had such a chance to influence a movie’s fortune? Talk of 90% of the Oscar films are beyond useless, since their studios and publicists have been arming for battle before those movies were done filming. But the efforts to screen “Tyrannosaur” has a small but very real chance to keep this amazing, heartrending gem of a film out of obscurity and to the attention of a much wider audience due to the awards consideration.

    And that’s why I’m grateful to the contributors on this site for helping get this movie a chance to be shown to more people, and to Jeff most of all. Thanks.

  • scooterzz

    wells — a great number of sag and academy voters live in the valley and might not be willing to make yet another trek over the hill during the busy screening season…. you might have thought to schedule one of your three screenings at the sunset screening room in burbank to maximize your budget and accommodate a whole slew of people who could be encouraged to join your cause… i realize west-siders think they’re the center of the universe but an awful lot of movie ‘moving and shaking’ happens in the no-man’s-land of the valley…jus’ sayin’……

  • dkaye

    So who is sending out the invites for these screenings, Jeff? You?

  • http://www.mindmapmaken.com Mindmap maken

    Wow, an amount of 2000 is great! Fantastic! Keep it up!!!!


  • Kit Sung

    Congratulations, Jeff, for completely throwing your journalistic integrity overboard.

  • The Pope

    Kit Sung,

    Don’t be silly. If we were to measure “integrity” by your ruler, a critic/blogger/journalist would never be allowed to venture an opinion, good or bad on any film lest their “integrity” be compromised.

    I have serious differences with Jeff a lot of the time, but on this I KNOW for certain he is completely in the right. A passionate, informed journalist passionately advocating of a film is a very nice thing to see. Restores my faith in the hope that some critics actually like film and think it is worth fighting for.

  • PastePotPete

    Congratulations Jeff. I wouldn’t be surprised if the attention from this fundraiser causes more people to view the film than just those who attend the screenings.

  • Paul Lynch

    Well done, Jeff. “Build it and they will come!”

    I for one have faith that if a role/movie is good enough…..and enough people see it, then nominations can follow.

    Maybe you’ll start a new trend with fan funded screenings.

  • Markj74

    Considering that Phyllida Lloyd’s only previous contribution to cinema was Pierce Brosnan singing, I can’t see her directing an Oscar-winning performance from Meryl Streep. Especially when the clips so far indicate Streep is spoofing Thatcher. Best Actress looks wide open to me.

  • Wiggumx

    Over the years, and there have been many, that I have frequented this blog, I have, at times, been pleased, happy, excited, perturbed, and offended. I have agreed and disagreed. But I have NEVER, EVER, been as pleased and proud of Mr Jeff Wells, for championing this film, and for doing what he could to get it recognized. This is really exceptional stuff. I am happy that I have stuck with HE, and I will, of course, continue to do so.

    Bravo, good sir.

  • http://www.filmmisery.com Film Misery Alex

    I’ve heard mixed reviews about the film. Is there any fear that critics/Academy members won’t like it when seeing these screenings?

  • JR

    Jeff, you are a mensch.

  • JLC

    Jeffrey Wells is many things. “Journalist” is not one of them. He may have been one at some time in the past, but that ship sailed long ago.

    By the way, this is NOT a knock on Jeffrey. He does what he does very well, and I’ve been coming here for many years because of that. But what he does is not journalism, and no one here should confuse that fact.

  • Floyd Thursby

    A truly honorable act by all involved.

    Maybe now that Wells is Colman’s biggest fan, he’ll finally get around to seeing Hot Fuzz.

  • markj

    Considering that Phyllida Lloyd’s only previous contribution to cinema was Pierce Brosnan singing, I can’t see her directing an Oscar-winning performance from Meryl Streep. Especially when the clips so far indicate Streep is spoofing Thatcher. Best Actress looks wide open to me.

  • corey3rd

    Wells is taking his movie passion to the next level.

  • wholesalecopystore

    May be it is too later.do you think so?

  • Chris Willman

    “Jeffrey Wells is many things. “Journalist” is not one of them. He may have been one at some time in the past, but that ship sailed long ago.

    By the way, this is NOT a knock on Jeffrey. He does what he does very well, and I’ve been coming here for many years because of that. But what he does is not journalism, and no one here should confuse that fact.”


  • taikwan

    Can’t get to LA until next June but I have repeatedly emailed film “journalists” in my area about this film and Olivia’s performance based on, well, strictly Jeff’s passion and opinion. Our local art theater is having a grand reopening next month…so there is hope.

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    I had a put up a couple of very droll comments but they were “accidentally” erased by Jeff. I’m sure that my saying that if the grain monks ever got together with the 1.85 fascists they could make Jeff feel sufficiently oppressed to write his own “Darkness At Noon.”