Two In The Head

I completely agree with an opinion by Rope of Silicon‘s Brad Brevet that the cow-being-killed clip in Ridley Scott and Kevin McDonald‘s Life In A Day (around the 43:35 mark) is appalling and sickening. The poor beast senses what’s about to happen and…I don’t want to talk about it. But it’s awful. Otherwise I found the first half of this film (I’m watching it on the flight back to L.A.) slightly boring.

20 thoughts on “Two In The Head

  1. Ray on said:

    That reminds me, it’s been too long since I’ve eaten at In-N-Out.

  2. I suppose you have to accept that your ground beef is going out Anton Chigurh-style. It’s that or shoot your own, or go vegetarian. It does suck to see it happen, though.

  3. Aren’t those bolts supposed to be fired just once? Seems like bad aim led to undo suffering.

    It’s important that everyone see where their food comes from. It’s difficult to watch, sure. I give thanks to the cow every time I buy a burger. The animal gave its life to nourish and sustain me, and I couldn’t thank it enough for its sacrifice.

  4. Did you have the same issue with a beast being killed in Apocalypse Now? Because, theoretically, chopping up an animal for fiction is worse than this.

  5. Humans want to eat meat yet they refuse to witness the meat preparation process? when is that asteroid hitting earth again? we don fuck up this world beyond repair smh

  6. @Ponderer,

    The slaughter wasn’t organised by the Apocalypse Now crew – it was a local religious ceremony.

    Life In A Day’s final sequence (the girl in the car during the electrical storm) has stayed with me for some reason.

  7. “Nourish” is a truly revolting word… it should be stricken from the English language… the very sound of it sends me into gales of embarrassment.

    NOURISH. It’s up there with PAMPER as the most cringe-inducing words man has ever known.

  8. Killing animals for the sake of taste pleasure is as sick as killing animals for sadistic pleasure, and just as unnecessary.

  9. There’s quickly and (as much as possibly) humanely killing an animal, and then there’s shooting it with what seems to be a pistol multiple times in the head and STILL not killing it… This didn’t seem like the modern “piston rod” method that’s supposedly pretty instant.

  10. “The slaughter wasn’t organised by the Apocalypse Now crew – it was a local religious ceremony.”

    For whatever it’s worth, it would still be illegal to put in a movie today, based on the current contract SAG has with the Humane Society.

  11. “The slaughter wasn’t organised by the Apocalypse Now crew – it was a local religious ceremony.”

    Was it? Hearts of Darkness is very unclear on the subject. It looks like Francis and Eleanor saw the original ceremony, were moved by it, and had the locals do it again for the cameras.

  12. (And the other reason I think it was completely arranged for the camera is when you look at the footage of the ceremony that inspired the one in the film, it takes place during the day. That makes total sense, as that’s generally when they’ll take the animal and butcher it, prepare it, et cetera.

    The ceremony in the film takes place at night, which seems impractical and unlikely in that light – in other words, the camera wasn’t just there to capture the ceremony. But if I’m wrong, I’d like to know.)

  13. “I give thanks to the cow every time I buy a burger. The animal gave its life to nourish and sustain me, and I couldn’t thank it enough for its sacrifice.” – Wrecktem

    “Fuck you.” – The cow

  14. “Oh right, half of the animal kingdom and maybe extraterrestrials find me DELICIOUS. As you were, boys.” – Also, the cow

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