Five Savannah Film Festival-visiting entertainment journalists — myself, Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone, Hollywood Reporter‘s Tim Appelo, critic Todd Gilchrist and CHUD’s Renn Brown — took part in a confession session this morning with about 25 Savannah film students. It happened in the plush lobby of the Marshall House, and it began, believe it or not, at 8:15 am. Here’s an mp3 file containing some of what was said.

7 thoughts on “Waker-Upper

  1. LexG on said:

    Watch as Todd Gilchrist inspires the masses NOT to become a film journalist. Holy shit, was this for a bunch of college kids? You guys had coed sorority chicks as a rapt audience and you let Gilchrist speak? Or talked about film journalism at ALL? I’d just be telling all the female students how I’M IN L.A. (TM Josh Charles in “Denver”) and how I could make things happen for them.


  2. Since no one else is gonna post in this thread, I’m gonna make it my BYOB since this is actually of interest to me…

    Every time I see one of these BLOGGER ROUNDTABLES, it’s like this– nice but definitely low-energy folks like Todd or Goss or Anne Thompson just DEAD SERIOUS and low-key and low STAR WATTAGE. Wasn’t what attracted you guys to the movies in the first place the concept of SHOWMANSHIP?

    There should be a rule that anyone who couldn’t do a 10 minute set at the Comedy Store or Ice House CAN’T BE A MOVIE CRITIC. I watch Turan on those video reviews he does and can’t BELIEVE a guy who’s watched movies for 60 years hasn’t soaked up ANY charisma… Whatever Todd’s droning on about here, fine, but… where’s the LAUGHS? COMMAND THE ROOM! Do some self-deprecation, work blue, make some funny Dennis Miller-meets-LexG pop culture references that everyone’ll laugh at.

    There’s a few exceptions to this– Wells is an eccentric, Poland’s kind of instant comedy unto himself, Harry and Devin are… okay in that geek-spazz way, Drew is a big, fun, garrulous guy in person… Roeper is great on TV…

    But most FILM JOURNALISTS need some SHOWBIZ 101, badly. God, you have a RAPT AUDIENCE and you don’t do STAND-UP?

  3. Lex, I think your insights would be more valuable to these kids than anything a movie blogger would have to say. These students’ biggest concern should be what they’re going to do when their parents’ money runs out. A little of the old LexG “my movie-related job is destroying my soul” magic would hopefully put then on the straight-and-narrow.

  4. Seriously, have me on the panel as the CAUTIONARY TALE that degrees in Film, Journalism and English Literature can take you ALL the way to the BIG CITY…

    …where you’ll spend the next 16 years transcribing court shows, religious programs, and movies that come out next March for no fucking reason, while Gabe Toro blatantly steals your entire shtick and writing style and gets to go to JUNKETS.

    Also are we not commenting on Gilchrist’s PANTS? Holy shit, did Yamato buy him those?

  5. Lex, take this the right way – most of the time, talking to you feels inadvisable, as it validates your shtick — but I’m going to say this from the bottom of my zen heart, with good will and sincerity, after a summer spent with cancer weighing on my mind: If you wanted to do this work, you could. It would require you learn a lot about yourself, and change a lot about yourself, but you could. And yet I suspect that you’re familiar with being miserable, and judging others without putting any real work of your own out.

    Change is hard, change for the better is harder. But you’re not stupid. You’re not lazy. And I think you have real pain in your life, like we all do, and I think you’re big enough to get over it. If you really, really want to. Don’t think of this as pity, or being nice to you — you’re a horrible human being a lot of the time, and often as unfunny as only ugly racism can be. And I’m not sorry for you when you weep and wail about your state if only because I know that you could change it. Again, if you want to.

    I’d be more than glad to talk about this, if you wanted. You know how to reach me.

    P.S. I’m doubtful of Todd’s Pants, too. But he buys all his stuff himself.

  6. I see no need for journalists to be performers, after all, most have faces best suited for radio.

    If LexG wanted to be a real film journalist he would have to STOP writing occasional WORDS in CAPITAL letters, as some READERS would find it very ANNOYING.

  7. Lex, the difference between you and me is that whatever shtick I have, I LIVE it. You just carry it out from a keyboard. I would implore you to do what I did and just step into that public eye. I do agree that most of these assholes are mostly boring, and mostly with NO SENSE OF HUMOR. Especially about THEMSELVES. Because, let’s face it, in the world of film criticism, most film bloggers are still termites, even the ones with occasional insight.

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