I’ve told a few journalist acquaintances about a Sundance condo share…zip. They’re all set up elsewhere and/or can’t be bothered to reply so I’m going public. It’s a very large & spacious one-bedroom apartment at the Park Regency that easily accomodates three (i.e., myself and a journalist friend plus tenant X.) There’s a whole separate bunk bed area for the third person. The rental term is Saturday to Saturday so we’re taking it for two full weeks (1.14 through 1.28) for $2675. Divided by three = $891 or $89 per day if you’re Sundancing for the full 10 days.

The place has one regular big bedroom (me) with a full bathroom that I can share with someone, two bunk beds in their own area and a living room couch-bed with another full bathroom. It’s not cramped, there’s a decent amount of breathing room, the wifi is solid and it’s ideally located. Walkable to Eccles, walkable to Yarrow, totally walkable to Park City Marriott. It has a shuttle service that takes you anywhere. Big lobby with fireplace, free coffee, heated pool, etc.

$891 and $89 a day for the whole thing sounds pretty good to me, and there’s even room for four if the two newbies don’t mind bunking it down in the same alcove. Four would work out to $668.75 each. I’m always gone in the morning and don’t return until 11 or 12 midnight so I don’t care. Strictly for crashing and showering.

I usually arrive on Wednesday (1.18.12) to get set up and pick up my pass, etc.

6 thoughts on “Wanted

  1. creepingmalaise on said:

    So the one regular big bedroom is already taken, and the other roomer(s) will have to take 1/2 a bunk bed or a living room couch/bed…and the rent is split evenly between all roomers?

    Hmmmm. How about Jeff in the “big bedroom”, tenant B and C on the bunk bed, tenant D on the couch, and tenants E, F, G and H on the floor with blow-up mattresses–then the rent could be split eight ways!

    I had something like this happen to me in college and I’m still bitter.

    Wells to creepingmalaise: Whether it’s a bunk bed in your own corner of a large apartment or the couch or whatever, the bottom line is that it’s a great Park City location, and if you know anything about how the locals gouge festivalgoers with outrageous rents ($2000 to $2500 for ten days is not uncommon for a regular-size condo apartment, and bigger places can be much, much higher…$3000 to $4000), paying less than $900 for staying in a nice place for the whole festival is a pretty damn good deal. Sundance is not about lounging around where you’re staying. It’s about humping it around town to screenings and interviews and occasional parties. These condos are just about sleeping and showering. Nobody’s cooking dinner or entertaining guests.

  2. This has the makings of a new reality series on Fox. Wells — you need to pitch this while it’s HOT!

    “Hijinks and hilarity ensue when a hispanic party elephant in flip-flops moves in with film blogger Jeff Wells for a week in the Utah snow! What happens when they’re forced to sleep on low-thread count bedding? Or when H.P.E.’s loudmouth relatives join them to go to a screening at Wells’ side? How will they tolerate each other after a blizzard leaves them trapped for three days inside the condo, with only fatty, processed junk food to sustain them?”

    I’d totally watch that. (Then again, I’m watching the “new” Beavis & Butthead, so…)

  3. I know he’s explained it ten zillion trillion times, but I will NEVER understand Jeff’s mindset where having ROOMMATES and BUNK BEDS in some bizarre condo is better than just having your own room in a Sheraton or Hilton.

    It’s like those people who have to go to a BED AND BREAKFAST where you’re in some crazy old lady’s house and have to listen to her long-talker stories and eat food that she touched with her old lady hands, instead of just staying a night at the Ramada.

    And don’t get me wrong, I hate hotels too (the sheets and towels factor), and thus never travel. But in all things in life, SHARING A LIVING QUARTERS WITH ANOTHER HUMAN BEING is a vision of Dante’s Hell. Just having a ROOMMATE is the weirdest shit ever– I genuinely don’t understand people “who can’t be alone” or who are post-college age and have ROOMMATES. Living alone is the most important thing in life, ever. Even for a weekend– being solitary trumps all, and chain corporate comfort should top folksy.

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