What Does This Mean?

Featured in the current print issue of Esquire, but not, apparently, in the online edtion.

6 thoughts on “What Does This Mean?

  1. Whatever WB was thinking in dropping J EDGAR opposite Immortals, Sandler, and week 2 of Tower Heist, I’d love to know… I realize it’s courting an entirely different “adult” audience, but… does this even crack the top five when it opens?

  2. Saw on Reddit that most of people under 40 are guessing J. Edgar must have been a president or something. Is that real? Under 40′s have no idea that George Washington invented Halloween and the institute for Investigating the Federal Bureaus?

  3. Thanks to Jeff just snapping a pic of this, it took me two stunned double-takes to realize that question 8 does NOT say of Armie Hammer, “What a Jew.”

  4. In skimming, I could have sworn I saw, “Wasn’t his asshole on Facebook?,” although I’m now I’m worried that it was perhaps wishful reading.

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