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  1. actionlover on said:

    Okay, that IS a bit odd and annoying and “what the fuck?”.

    But is it on ALL copies? Perhaps you should go to Best Buy or online to Amazon and buy several dozen copies, scan through each one, and see if it is, in fact, a problem that is series-wide. Perhaps it’s just on some of them. It’s really the only way to know for sure.

  2. I don’t really see the big deal… Though who ever needs to watch WEST SIDE STORY on any regular basis, anyway? Kind of a crappy movie with TERRIBLE music, just EMBARRASSING and awful for the most part… You could watch Abel Ferrara’s CHINA GIRL in half the time, or you could just listen to Metallica’s DON’T TREAD ON ME, same deal.

    It’s nowhere near as egregious as the SD layer switch on INTO THE BLUE that fucks up the extreme closeup of Ashley Scott’s bare feet, which is the worst DVD mastering (ie, masturing) tragedy of all time.

  3. Yep, it’s pretty stupid. It’s also obvious why they did it. Like someone mentioned in the earlier thread, it’s not so much a fade out as it is a fade in for someone who doesn’t want to watch the overture. You would think with seamless branching they could accommodate both options, but that’s probably too much trouble for a catalog title.

  4. I’m sorry, but while it is a dumb decision by whomever authored the transfer, it’s really not that much of a dealbreaker. But I’ll still be keeping my DVD of WSS.

  5. Agree that it’s a dumb decision, and stick by my prior opinion that, having never seen WSS, I would not have known that anything was wrong without having read these posts.

  6. I watched in on DVD last Christmas and my whole family was in awe over that dissolve. Either we had never seen it or we had forgotten about it, all of us.

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