Forget Ford

During this afternoon’s MSN live chat between War Horse director Steven Spielberg and Grantland‘s Mark Harris, “War Horse has no deliberate homages to any director — not to John Ford, not even Gone With The Wind with the red sky.” (Not a precise quote but close enough.)

  • There is a difference between being inspired by something (he admitted as much at the very top, first question from Harris, which I assume you missed) and directly referencing it. So nice try with the headline.

  • Tristan Eldritch2

    Just to throw one last Spielberg bash out there before I forever hold my peace: it doesn’t really matter a hell of lot if Spielberg does cite directors like Ford or Lean visually in a movie like War Horse. It’s visual and purely on the surface, and it doesn’t really affect the tone or content of the film. I would be a lot happier to see Spielberg make a movie with the restraint and all-around maturity of Lawrence of Arabia, rather than one that evokes Lean visually while persisting with the unusual Spielbergian excesses.

  • Ephemerinko

    I was also thinking Powell & Pressburger for the framing and lighting, particularly during the first third on the farm.

  • Fair point, Tristan.

  • sami

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