Horse Twit

It began with In Contention‘s Kristopher Tapley triggering a major flabbergast by saying, “Speaking for myself, I think War Horse wins the lion’s share. Including pic/dir.” Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone: “You think it’s going to WIN Best Picture???” Tapley: “I do, yes.” Wells insert: “Double whoa.”

And then MSN’s Glenn Kenny joined in: “I haven’t even seen War Horse (and may not!) but will bet real money right now it will not win Best Picture.” Tapley: “Why’s that?” Kenny: “Unlike Saving Private Ryan, its antiwar fervor doesn’t tap into a resonant zeitgeist theme (in Ryan’s case, ‘greatest generation’).” Tapley: “Hmmm, that’s debatable.” Kenny: “Making Academy members cry won’t suffice. It needs to be a massive pop cult phenom as well. I say it won’t.

And then Mr. Beaks (i.e., Jeremy Smith) chimed in: “Hi! I’ve not seen War Horse yet! Care to shut up about it?” Wells to Beaks: “Tough titty. Nobody shuts up about anything on Twitter…nobody.”

  • VicLaz2

    I can’t wait for the inevitable Hollywood Elsewhere meltdown in next year’s Oscar hunt when Tarantino’s DJANGO UNCHAINED comes out next year with the TARANTINO HATE and RACE ISSUES.

  • JR

    If it is even possible, I am losing more respect for some of the bloggers in these pissin’ matches.

    @Glenn Kenny: see the fucking movie then comment on it. I am sick of people who proclaim they may not even bother to see it, but then carry on about it (not just War Horse, but any movie).

  • Gabe@ThePlaylist

    You guys all sound like children.

  • julieW

    I saw War Horse over the weekend at a nearly empty DGA screening..I can only describe as odd…my takeaway is that german’s are (still) bad and that horses like apples.

    my plus 1 to the screening remarked..”i have no idea why spielberg would want to get up in the morning and go that the set to make THAT”

    also..wall-to-wall music….very odd lighting choices…and the end shot is a direct lift from a classic Rockwell portrait (spielberg is a collector) I won’t ruin it for you..but involves a soldier.

  • Holy wow.

    JR: I’m not pissin’. I’m just talkin’. I guess I could just ignore people when they directly ask me something or engage ina conversation with me on Twitter.

  • George Prager

    Why wouldn’t Glenn see WAR HORSE?

    Something tells me that all of these movies that are being touted as Best Picture won’t win. And that YOUNG ADULT will.

  • Chumley

    Jesus. You guys are worse than a goddamn sowing circle.

  • Ian T

    I don’t understand the people who have a problem with Oscar bloggers discussing the Oscars.

  • DiscoNap

    I’ve settled on Gabe being Robert Davi in Raw Deal, and I know longer mind his holier-than-thou bullshit. “You give me no one to root for.”

  • DiscoNap

    P.S. movies from 2011 that will NOT win Best Picture: Drive, The Guard, Melancholia, Win Win, Margin Call. Potential Best Picture winners better than these movies: 0.

  • Rashad

    “What you do today?”

    “Got into a huge fight with this guy. I even bit his nose”

    “What he do? Talk shit about your girlfriend or mother?”

    “Nah, he said War Horse can win the Oscar. You believe that shit?”

    “That’ll do it all right.”

  • MechanicalShark

    Man, there really needs to be a movie about this phenomenon, the Oscar blogosphere. Would be kind of inside baseball, but if done right, it would be hilarious. Plus Wells could get in a huff about a thinly veiled caricture of himself in it. “HOW DARE THEY. I WOULD NEVER WEAR SANDALS”.

  • DiscoNap

    *ugh, no, not know. That was a good reference too.

  • LexG

    HAHAHA Gabe as Robert Davi…

    Speaking of Margin Call and Oscar bullshit, someone needs to start talking up Jeremy Irons for Supporting Actor in that… He blows into that movie– where absolutely everybody is on point to begin with, esp Spacey– and raises it to a whole other level, like when William Hurt arrives in History of Violence and changes the air in the room completely. I guess it’s not a “hot” choice and these two warhorses can’t be considered revelatory like some hotter performances in 2011, but Irons AND Spacey in that movie are pretty much a master class on acting.

  • Gabe@ThePlaylist


    I once met Robert Davi. Fucker was terrifying. I almost shit a whole other person.

    Seconded the Irons-for-Best Supporting talk. Though, even if it is eligible, I bet some asshole Academy voters think there’s a VOD stigma against Margin Call. Movie’s great. And hey, Paul Bettany’s in it, and he fights ZERO vampires.

  • Gabe@ThePlaylist

    Yeah, did the “Tilda” pilot ever surface online? Was it anything like this?

  • Krillian

    Let’s meet at Sundance and film it. Best-case scenario, it’s Mrs. Parker & the Vicious Bloggers.

  • Glenn Kenny

    That’s “sewing circle.”

    Jeez, you try to have a few laughs with some people on Twitter and then Jeff’s claque gives you shit for not wanting to see “War Horse.”

    I’m sure “War Horse” will prove unavoidable. I’m not assigned to review it, is all, so I can take my time. Am I looking forward to it? On a purely personal level, not particularly. Which is my privilege. What I was talking about with Tapley was just a sense of zeitgeist intuition, which I admittedly get wrong a lot of the time, with respect to awards stuff especially. Like the Python guy said, I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition.

  • actionlover

    I just bought a black-market machine gun with ammo.

    If the movie that I like best doesn’t win Oscar, then I’m taking out my wrath on those responsible with a furious vengeance the like of which has never been seen.

    Over the top? Not when we’re talking about THE ACADEMY AWARDS it isn’t!

  • JR

    @Kris Tapley:

    My comments weren’t directed at you, but at a couple of others…

  • Glenn Kenny

    Yes, Kris, JR specifically called me out, and cursed at me, too. Made me cry.

    Thing was, i wasn’t commenting on the movie, at all. As JR so astutely notes, I have not seen it. I was addressing an entirely different issue, as you and Sasha were entirely able to grasp. Not JR, though. And now he’s really mad at me. And I’m gonna have to live with his disapproval. Forever. FML.

  • JR

    Hey Glenn:

    My comments got edited, as did Jeff’s original post. Evidently I struck a nerve, but to be clear, my main gripe was with someone else in the conversation…now my original post looks kind of stupid with all the deletions…the most offensive comments were deleted from the lead post.

    I am not mad at anybody. I just think all the pissin’ and moanin’ over War Horse (or any movie RE Oscar chances) is ridiculous – the arguments made by some here are absurd – I was calling out someone on their excessive hyperbole, that’s all, and now my original post makes far less sense after the edits…

  • Terry McCarty
  • LexG

    I like how the proposed moratorium on War Horse Bashing lasted less than 24 hours before Jeff pulled an amusing “ah, fuck it” and went full force with FOUR anti-WH threads.

  • BoulderKid

    I want to hear Sasha and Jeff shoot it out over “Horse.” Is there going to be a podcast this week Jeff?

  • DiscoNap

    Irons should absolutely be nominated. He’s almost a textbook example of what Best Supporting should be about. He also lays down the movie’s nuanced take better than anything else, all while chewing in a super emasculating way. His eating is like Max Cady’s cackle.

  • arispil

    Anyone who utters the word ‘zeitgeist’ is an insufferable douche. Talk about a word that’s overstayed it’s welcome. Enough already.

  • Glenn Kenny

    Well, then, apologies, JR.

    Just to clarify, I DO think there’s a distinction between commenting on a film itself and commenting on its Oscar “odds” as it were. My point, such as it was, is that “War Horse” isn’t arriving on a “Greatest Generation”-inspired wave of World War II appreciation that helped push “Private Ryan”‘s zeitgeist resonance to a monolithic level. Which I think is a defensible point, albeit of course debatable.

    I’m not a Spielberg basher, and my lack of enthusiasm about this movie has less to do with the director than with my being rather disheartened by the whole suffering-animal-as-metaphor-for-man’s-inhumanity-to-man. As great as “Au Hasard Balthasar” is, it’s not a film I revisit without some trepidation. And I will never watch the cat-torture bit in “Satantango” again. So that’s where I’m coming from there…

  • Krillian

    it’s = it is

    its = possessive


    The Grammar Douche

  • arispil

    Well, fine. Touche (accent aigu).

  • Terry McCarty

    Re Glenn Kenny’s comment:

    To me, one of the greatest pieces of in-the-tank propaganda to sell SAVING PRIVATE RYAN was the article that Judy Brennan did for THE LOS ANGELES TIMES just prior to release.

    Can still remember the you-gotta-see-this opener rhapsodizing on how “Steven Spielberg blasts apart the cliches of previous World War II movies.”

    And, in terms of animal cruelty on film, I don’t think I could ever again sit through Donald Sutherland crushing a cat in 1900 for metaphoric or any other reasons.

  • George Prager

    Fuck WAR HORSE. This is what I’ll be spending my bread on next month:

    99 And 44/100% Dead / The Nickel Ride on DVD

  • LexG

    Nickel Ride RULES! Jason Miller in awesome cream suits wandering through so much soft focus it’s like Mulligan shot it through cotton candy, going to depressing bar birthdays and escaping out to some lake house on the run from either Bo Hopkins or the third member of the Hopkins/Reed trinity… Pairing that with 99 and 44, that’s a whole lot of GIANT CADILLACS for your buck.

  • carlos alejandro
  • Mr. F.

    From Carlos’s link above comes this Spielberg quote:

    “It’s just plain rude to get up and walk out of something that someone has laboured over.”

    Uh-oh… now we have ANOTHER reason for Wells to hate the guy.

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  • JChasse

    I kind of like “sowing sircle”, as in “sowing of seed” as in “masturbation”, because that’s all this critics butting of heads seems to me right now.

  • Rashad

    I join Lex in the Irons support. The whole cast was great but he and Bettany really were awesome. Shame if he got no recognition.

    And that article is a joke carlos. Completely misconstruing what he said to be more sensationalist

  • Sasha Stone

    I just want to thank you guys for being nice about this. It was not my conscious intent to bash War Horse publicly — it’s funny, on Twitter it sometimes feels like you’re having a private conversation at a table with some friends, which was how Kris, Glenn and I were having ours, or so it felt. Of course, one forgets that there are 5,000 followers also reading along. My apologies. New technology and all of that. I got carried away. FWIW I did delete most of my tweets on War Horse.

  • JR

    No problem, Sasha.

    One thing I don’t like about HE is the poster’s inability to edit or delete his own posts (as can be done on twitter, facebook, and a few other places).

    There have been more than a few posts I would like to retract…

  • K. Bowen

    The thing that’s going un-commented upon in this post: the way that the victory of The King’s Speech has changed the dialogue this year.

    One year of a traditional Oscar film winning and suddenly everyone is trying to figure out which film will make the voters cry most.

    I think that’s a little strange given the overall recent trend toward critical fave winners.

  • I join them too ! the whole cast was great !!

  • You guys are worse !! talking about movies like children !

  • Dan Revill

    they are children.

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