That same densely forested Bourne Wood, Surrey location that we’ve all seen in Ridley Scott‘s Gladiator (that big fireball battle sequence between the Romans and those hairy Germanic guys), Scott’s Robin Hood (castle-attack scene with Russell Crowe‘s troops advancing) and Children of Men (attack on the van) makes yet another appearance in War Horse.

The instant I saw that big muddy field bordered by those telltale pine trees in War Horse, I went “c’mon…this place again?” Tim Burton‘s forthcoming Dark Shadows uses it also; it was also seen in Captain America.

  • Ray

    You should hear my reax to seeing that old Universal NYC backlot in EVERYTHING for DECADES. Thank God it burned to the ground.

    You hate Peter Jackson, but you have to admit that filming in New Zealand was inspired. NOTHING looks like New Zealand, and nobody ever goes there, and it made the Rings movies suitably otherworldly. The problem is every OTHER place has been filmed already.

  • actionlover

    Except it was an AWESOME location when “Children of Men” shot there but a STUPID, hackneyed, maudlin location when “War Horse” shot there.


  • LexG

    Insert my stock rant about that goddamn X-Files forest that Fox uses for EVERYTHING… Similarly, WB has a hardon for using whatever that big city in Australia is.

    I’d say it’s time to retire that Sepulveda dam/basin thingy too from Escape From New York/every episode of 24 ever.

  • The Pope

    Monument Valley? Every time I see a John Ford western I say to myself “c’mon…this place again”

  • sami

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  • Ray

    Lex, I’ve actually BEEN to that forest- it’s right outside Vancouver, all the Canadian TV studios (long associated with FOX and Sci-Fi channel) use.

  • BobbyLupo

    I’m just testing to see if I got banned — got a weird message on my last post.