Marty’s Night

Tonight the Santa Barbara Film Festival will honor Martin Scorsese with its American Riviera award, starting at 8pm. Two hours of clips, chatter and showing obeisancr. A cool-cats-only afterparty will follow. If only Michel Hazanavicius, director of The Artist, had been shut down at last weekend’s DGA awards, and if Marty had won instead.

Santa Barbara’s Arlington Theatre — Monday, 1.30, 5:05 pm.

25 thoughts on “Marty’s Night

  1. I’d rather Scorsese didn’t win anything than be awarded for one of his weakest efforts. Wells’ awards season commentary this year has been way more acerbic than usual. Here’s hoping one of these committees awards something to MONEYBALL so he can snap out of his “find a way to disparage THE ARTIST in every article I post” mindset.

  2. Yes, if only the DGA Award had gone to the film Jeff has been only mildly less disparaging about than “The Artist,” so he could instead knock Martin Scorsese for not being Bennett Miller. If only. But this is a noble compromise.

  3. “I’d rather Scorsese didn’t win anything than be awarded for one of his weakest efforts.”

    Well, it’s about 5 years too late for that sentiment.

    The karmic sadist in me really wants to see War Horse win Best Picture now — if only to hear Jeff’s hilariously inevitable laments of, “Why, oh why, couldn’t it be The Artist?!”

    Everything in life is extremely relative, eh?

  4. One last thing: let’s get these Oscars bumped forward another month. I know a lot of these contenders are just now opening here in the Great Midwest or whatever, but there’s no reason the awards can’t be completely wrapped up by the first weekend of February.

    I mean, come on — honestly. There’s really no reason for any of this nonsense (“TGWTDT was ROBBED!”) to go on for another complete month.

  5. Why do I get the feeling that this evening’s festivities may sorely test Roger Durling’s devotion to our genial host?

  6. THE DEPARTED may be sloppy but it’s infinitely better than HUGO.

    Jeff would probably have a psychotic break if WAR HORSE won Best Picture.

  7. I don’t find The Departed sloppy. It’s a pretty tight film considering its length, and it has a fantastic script.

    The direction, however, was pedestrian for someone like Marty, even if there were some legitimately suspenseful scenes. Didn’t really see him trying anything new on that one, whereas you can see his creativity on display in his other recent films, from Gangs to The Aviator to Shutter Island.

    Hugo may have some script and pacing issues, but to infer that Scorsese’s direction was uninspired…I just can’t get behind that. Some glorious camerawork in that film and you can sense the passion behind the images.

    Directors have won Oscars for far less. Many, many times.

  8. @Jericho Cane – sloppy? The ending shot alone (rat on the railing) should have disqualified it from Oscar consideration. It would have gotten laughed at in an NYU freshman film class. It certainly got derisive laughs and groans at a L.A. showing I saw it at.

  9. Universal has moved Savages up to July 6th, the first Oliver Stone movie to open over the Independence Day weekend. Whoa.

  10. The Departed was the best film of 2006. It was Scorsese’s best film since Casino. It deserved every award it received. Not sloppy, not beneath his talent. Brilliant cinema.

  11. Exactly Roy. It was far from the best of ’06, and didn’t even deserve to get nominated. It tried way too hard, where as Scorsese’s other gangster pics were more natural

  12. Rashad, you continue to show just how stupid someone can be when they set their mind to it.

    The Departed was the best film of 2006.

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  14. Didn’t really see him trying anything new on that one, whereas you can see his creativity on display in his other recent films, from Gangs to The Aviator to Shutter Island.

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