Over Is Over

Most of us understand what the terms “suspended animation” and “suspended sentence” mean, but a Presidential candidate announcing that he/she is “suspending” their campaign implies they’re putting it on hold as opposed to shutting it down. They’re not turning off the DVD player and heading out for a bike ride — they’re hitting freeze-frame and keeping the TV on in case an unforeseen opportunity presents itself down the road.

Which in the case of Michelle Bachmann‘s over-and-done-with campaign is a chickenshit dodge.

If you’re having relationship problems, your girlfriend might say “so you wanna break up or what?” And you might say “well, not exactly…what I had in mind is that we should suspend our relationship as opposed to throwing it into the wastebasket. Let’s freeze it in the space-time continuum in case we want to return to it next month or next year…okay?” To which she would say, “You know, this is one of the reasons why we don’t get along. You are so SO full of shit sometimes.”

  • QfT

    c/o The Guardian;

    Bachmann – “Every day I’m reminded of that conviction that we have to the principles of freedom and justice by a painting. It’s a painting that hangs in the United States Capitol. It’s Howard Chandler Christy’s Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States. It hangs in the East Grand Stairway of the United States Capitol. Every school child is familiar with this painting, but I’ve been privileged to see it on a regular basis doing my duties in Congress”.

    The Guardian – The painting was actually done in 1940 so it’s a fantasy depiction. Just like Bachmann’s.


    source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/jan/04/iowa-results-rick-santorum-live

  • JR

    Of course she is finished, but I suspect there is a legal reason for the term ‘suspension’ that may have something to do with continued fundraising to pay off the debts of the campaign.

    Not sure, but is this really a big deal? Romney has it in the bag now – the rest of them are in it for Veep consideration, but my guess is Romney will opt for someone who wasn’t in this pig shit dance.

  • Ponderer

    That’s exactly right. Suspending a campaign isn’t about saving face. If they terminate their campaign, the candidate isn’t allowed to continue to raise money to cover debts, receive matching funds, etc. They can also apply for public financing for the same reason.

    (Also, legally, a candidate CAN’T terminate their campaign if they have outstanding debts, so the suspension language is pretty much required.)

  • Ponderer

    (And pretty much every campaign is awash in debt these days, so yeah.)

  • Movie Watcher

    She never had a chance. Romney wins now and loses in November. End of story.

  • opinion

    The funny thing is, they tried, oh they tried so hard not to vote for Romney. The qualified and the unqualified applied, just like a job interview, the kind of things ‘ugh’ ‘employees’ do… and after suffering through the Rick Perrys and the like with a stiff upper lip (saying to themselves, no, it’s not crap, it’s gold) they will end up having to vote for Romney anyways. That’s it for meritocracy in the Republican primary, people! It’s the coronation of Jeb Bush the next time around.

  • A Pop Calypso

    @JR: “Pig shit dance” is an excellent term for a campaign in Iowa. And I’m from there.

    Just thinking about those candidates now, trying to decide which one is the scariest, I can’t come up with one. They’re all terrifying, but I suppose you’d have to give it to the one who’s going to get the nomination, whoever that is.

  • CinemaPhreak

    Romney will have no choice but to go for Nikki Haley, who is both Southern and Tea Bagger approved. Christie is the smarter choice, but his people will not want the ticket to be all “Yankee” Northerners.

    But Santorum’s win might make the rest of the primaries interesting if he can win South Carolina or place 2nd. I also would not be surprised if Gingrich ekes out a slim victory there. Romney lost all the Iowa evangelicals to Santorum, so a SC victory to either one is possible at this point ending 32 years of picking the nominee.

  • Markj74

    The Republicans sure know how to pick ‘em. Does anybody in the world take this party seriously?

  • Zach

    These Republican proceedings are essentially the Heartland version of The Jersey Shore.

  • Ray

    JESUS, Jeff writing about politics is like D.Z. writing about movies.

    As others said, it’s not a chickenshit dodge, it’s a legal requirement if you want your campaign debts to be paid.

    Pay attention. THERE WILL BE A TEST.

  • Ponderer

    CinemaPhreak – it’ll be Marco Rubio. Count on it.

  • Cerulean

    Am I the only one who found Michelle Bachmann entertaining? She lies left and right but she was fun and not as mean-spirited at Sarah Palin. The Republicans will just have to hold their nose and vote for Romney. Just like they held their nose to vote for McCain. I don’t think he will choose Marco Rubio as his running mate, Marco was caught last year lying about his family leaving Cuba due to Castro. When the fact is that his family left Cuba way before Castro was ever in power, they were just regular immigrants not political refugees as he wanted people to believe. He is going to have to go for either Nikki Haley or Christ Christie. Should be a fun campaign year.

  • Mr. F.

    The best part of her concession speech last night was when she talked about traveling on the campaign trail, and how much fun Marcus had on the road buying accessories for their dog…

  • Ponderer

    While that may be true about Rubio, the party is still hot for him. I hadn’t realized the extent until this week’s New Yorker article. And Thom Hartmann had on the head of the Tea Party Express today, and he made it pretty clear that the only veep choice that would ,are Romney palatable is Rubio. Christie is a Northerner. Won’t work. Haley’s adultery rumors will off her as a serious choice. It’s Rubio.

  • BobbyLupo

    I just wrote a great ‘Young Adult’ post that got eaten, so I’m double-checking to make sure I’m not banned before I try to recreate it.