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Joss Wheedon‘s The Avengers opens in less than four months and Disney marketing chose to limit their Super Bowl spot…oh, I get it. This is a ten-second tease for a trailer that will debut during the game. I still maintain that Wheedon is a lightweight (i.e., moderately talented) clock-puncher and journeyman, and nowhere near the realm of James Cameron or Bryan Singer even. Here’s the most recent trailer.

Last Sunday I wrote that facial stubble was mandatory for lead actors in Sundance 2012 films, and that “every single actor in every single film I saw in Park City complied.” The mandate also includes mainstream cinema, as this still from Skyfall, the latest 007 installment, makes clear. Daniel Craig‘s James Bond was absolutely clean-shaven in Casino Royale, but I can’t recall if he wore GQ stubble in Quantum of Solace.

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    Interesting approach to promote a film. Really cool, ’cause it makes me real curious about what’s coming:)

  • flem

    It’s really impressive… Money well spent.
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  • I just have a feeling Scarlett will have an unnecessarily big role.

  • Can’t wait to see this movie next week, I am a big fan of iron man myself!

  • Drond2

    And even then, it’s still a complete rarity (because it seems like most television writers don’t want to offend the audience that’s stuck with a character for however many seasons).

    For more examples of how a good story arc should be capped at 6-10 hours (anything ranging from a trilogy to a miniseries), just look at X-Files and Lost — two extremely critically-acclaimed shows. Went out with a whimper, not a bang, and that’s because the nature of the medium is to keep you coming back for that next hit (“hey kids, you’ll never believe this, but Jack Bauer is STILL alive!”). house design brisbane . Films Rapidshare Whereas most filmmakers only have about 2 hours to work with (and aside from these blockbuster tentpoles, there’s rarely the assumption going in that we’re ever going to see these specific characters again), and that allows filmmakers the freedom to express a real point-of-view in their work as opposed to the often-transparent mechanics of just keeping the narrative churning.

  • wow its great

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