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This reminds me of the opening scene in Planes, Trains and Automobiles with the client (William Windom) staring at ad concepts while Steve Martin and Lyman Ward wait wordlessly for some hint. Margin Call director-writer J.C. Chandor is accepting the Best First Film award from the NYFCC on Monday, and on Tuesday will pick up the NBR’s award for Best Debut Director. Margin Call has also been named of the NBR’s top 10 Independent Films.

10 thoughts on “Sans Dialogue

  1. moviesquad on said:

    “Margin Call” felt a bit clunky to me and the pacing was off. Also, there was at least one too many “Explain this to me as if I know nothing…” scenes that brought me out of the movie since it made no sense in the context of the business.

    If Christopher Nolan is willing to go to the mat to defend the inability of anyone in the audience being able to understand a word Bane is saying, the Margin Call director should’ve trusted the audience to catch up on what leverage is and how it works.

  2. caught up with MARGIN CALL over the holidays. Best Spacey performance in years. Simon Baker and Jeremy Irons were equally good. Worked in Investment Banking during the 80′s. Most of the guys at the top tier (Spacey/Bettany characters) don’t know how to “read” the numbers. The film drilled it home that they are salesmen. They wine and dine bright and aggressive young men and bring them in to the business. The boardroom scene hinges on the idea that all these financial geniuses look to a rocket scientist (Quinto) for confirmation that their business plan is screwed. 2008 is summed up with the correct conclusion – Nobody knows nothing. One of the year’s best.

  3. I was also underwhelmed by Margin Call. It was billed as having been based on the collapse of Lehman Bros. but offered a very superficial look at the prevailing practices at the time. Other than throwing around some jargon, didn’t enlighten at all. Nor did parts of it make sense. Their business was collapsing and they were burning their bridges but they wanted Spacey to stay on to trade for them. Like anyone on the street would still trust them.

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