Advanced Phlebitis

It’s been announced that the L.A. Times is going with a paywall on March 5th. Meaning that if I want to continue to read film industry coverage by Patrick Goldstein, Steven Zeitchik Nicole Sperling and John Horn on a wide-open basis, I’ll have to cough up (a) $1.99 per week in a package that also includes the Sunday newspaper (which is a no-go — the idea of that all-but-worthless mass of tree pulp being dropped on my doorstep every Sunday is repulsive) or (b) digital-only access at $3.99 per week. Online access will be included gratis for print subscribers.

That couldn’t be $3.99 per month, could it? Naaah.

In my mind the L.A. Times is a moribund and unnecessary thing save for the output of the above. I’m honestly not sure if I’m inclined to pay $16 a month and change to receive it. I might, grudgingly, but I’ll probably just use the free-access option (i.e., up to 15 stories a month) and take my chances.

What would Mitt Romney say? “Let it die!”

8 thoughts on “Advanced Phlebitis

  1. DeafEars on said:

    I’m with you. I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with that rag these days, so I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay $4 a week to read Patrick Goldstein.

  2. Wait a second- you’re being asked to pay MORE for NOT receiving the useless lump of wood pulp once a week?

    The only way that makes any sense is if the L.A. Times feel they make more money from their advertisers by ensuring people put eyes on the wood pulp version.


  3. Surely you can deduct all of your subscriptions from your taxes. I do and don’t even do anything with them. If not, you need to move on to a third accountant. Just sayin’.

  4. You can get another 20 stories just by changing browsers. I’ll be doing that, and getting most of the real news from the foreign press, like the Guardian.

  5. “What would Mitt Romney say? ‘Let it die!’”

    No, more like “Newspapers are people, my friend!”

    Or perhaps “I’m a severe newspaper reader.”

  6. “Wait a second- you’re being asked to pay MORE for NOT receiving the useless lump of wood pulp once a week?”

    I think that means if you’re paying for the Sunday paper only, it’s only $1.99 more for full digital access, not a package deal to get both for two bucks.

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