Advanced Phlebitis

It’s been announced that the L.A. Times is going with a paywall on March 5th. Meaning that if I want to continue to read film industry coverage by Patrick Goldstein, Steven Zeitchik Nicole Sperling and John Horn on a wide-open basis, I’ll have to cough up (a) $1.99 per week in a package that also includes the Sunday newspaper (which is a no-go — the idea of that all-but-worthless mass of tree pulp being dropped on my doorstep every Sunday is repulsive) or (b) digital-only access at $3.99 per week. Online access will be included gratis for print subscribers.

That couldn’t be $3.99 per month, could it? Naaah.

In my mind the L.A. Times is a moribund and unnecessary thing save for the output of the above. I’m honestly not sure if I’m inclined to pay $16 a month and change to receive it. I might, grudgingly, but I’ll probably just use the free-access option (i.e., up to 15 stories a month) and take my chances.

What would Mitt Romney say? “Let it die!”

  • DeafEars

    I’m with you. I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with that rag these days, so I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay $4 a week to read Patrick Goldstein.

  • Ray

    Wait a second- you’re being asked to pay MORE for NOT receiving the useless lump of wood pulp once a week?

    The only way that makes any sense is if the L.A. Times feel they make more money from their advertisers by ensuring people put eyes on the wood pulp version.


  • AnnaZed

    Surely you can deduct all of your subscriptions from your taxes. I do and don’t even do anything with them. If not, you need to move on to a third accountant. Just sayin’.

  • Movie Watcher

    It’s the same with NY Times, you get 20 free stories a month. Looks like I’ll do the same with LA Times.

  • DeafEars

    You can get another 20 stories just by changing browsers. I’ll be doing that, and getting most of the real news from the foreign press, like the Guardian.

  • Mr. F.

    “What would Mitt Romney say? ‘Let it die!'”

    No, more like “Newspapers are people, my friend!”

    Or perhaps “I’m a severe newspaper reader.”

  • Movie Watcher

    Regarding Romney: 1,200 people in a 70,000 seat stadium. Sad.

  • sonicyogurt

    “Wait a second- you’re being asked to pay MORE for NOT receiving the useless lump of wood pulp once a week?”

    I think that means if you’re paying for the Sunday paper only, it’s only $1.99 more for full digital access, not a package deal to get both for two bucks.