Aim For Tree

Can anyone explain why Ed Helms starts driving his Porsche like a crazy man in this scene from Jeff, Who Lives At Home (Paramount Vantage, 3.16)? There’s one funny line — “Porches are for normal people, you’re a Sasquatch” — and then Helms says “check this out” and it’s off to Whacko City with the car slamming into a tree. Nonsensical isn’t funny. Funny is when an apparently rational person tries to make something turn out right but events overwhelm him/her.

Directed and written by Jay and Mark Duplass, Jeff, Who Lives at Home is about a 30 year-old still living in his parents’ basement (Jason Segel), and his older prick brother (Helms) whose marriage is winding down. Susan Sarandon plays the mom, and Judy Greer plays Helms’ wife.

  • JLC

    I’ll confess I don’t really “get” Ed Helms. To me, he’s like what Chris Rock said about Jude Law: if you can’t get Steve Carrell, you get Ed Helms. He’s okay as part of an ensemble, but as a headliner? I dunno.

  • Ray


    The trailers suggest that Helms is having some sort of midlife, he thinks the Porsche will address it, obviously some random schlub is unlikely to be a skilled enough driver to handle a car that good, particularly when he switches to “show off” ego mode. He loses control of the car. The end.

    Not exactly interpreting “Rosebud” here.

  • Movie Watcher

    Replace Helms and Segel, put in Ferrell and Reilly and you have Step Brothers 2.

  • moviesquad

    Honestly, I saw this movie at a film fest, and I can’t even remember what he’s worked up about. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with his wife possibly having an affair.

  • AnnaZed

    Um, Ray pretty much has the scene, he loses control because he can’t drive the car while showing off.

    Other than generally supporting the idea of boys from my hometown of New Orleans and a part for my friend the beautiful Rae Dawn Chong (yeah!) I can’t muster up much interest in this. I will go and see it anyway, of course, and maybe be pleasantly surprised. I did like ‘The Puffy Chair’ and ‘Baghead’ and even ‘Cyrus’. It’s the Ed Helms factor that is making my mind drift, he’s like that Chris Messina person in that I have no idea why he pops up everywhere all the time.

  • Jesse Crall

    Simpson, Homer Simpson

    He’s the greatest guy in history!

    From the

    Town of Springfield

    He’s about to hit a chesnut tree! AARUUGHHH

    Sarandon and Greer are a lot of fun and I like Segel more than Jeff, so it should be worth a matinee.

  • Errol Flynnn

    Insert Ferrell and Reilly into anything and you have Step Brothers 2. i mean, are you serious? Obviously. Yikes.

  • Rachel Anderson

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