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In this SNL promo, Lindsay Lohan has clearly acquired a plumper face and what seem to be (am I wrong?) surgically-augmented cheekbones. And what’s with the bangs? She’s definitely remade herself. I for one prefer that slightly haggard, worn-down, worse-for-wear look she’s had the last couple of years. At least that was honest.

  • moviesquad

    She needs a time machine to go back to the days of The Parent Trap and try life again.

  • Hank94

    So you like it when she’s coked out? But if she overdosed and died you’d write an article about how she basically deserved to die?


  • Ryan Stewart

    Sad. Exploitative. What is she promoting? Not like she has a movie coming out.

  • raygo

    Basically this is an audition. She passed her last court date with flying colors. I guess Lorne Michaels (obviously) has a soft spot for addicts. Seems like he’s doing her a favor.

  • Krazy Eyes

    Completely unfunny and she looks horrible to boot. Shouldn’t be surprised as they paired her with the least funny person on the show.

  • Jeffrey Wells

    She doesn’t look like herself. All I’m saying.

  • Jeffrey Wells

    She doesn’t look like herself. All I’m saying.

  • dino velvet

    She’s promoting herself, as in, hello, I’m still alive…and available…very available…

  • Soma

    She needs her red hair back, too…this blond makes her look like Victoria Gotti. I don’t know if I bought her on the Today Show preview, she was pretty evasive and didn’t seem to want to admit to her drug issues. She actually had the nerve to be offended when Matt Lauer brought up Whitney Houston! As if they had nothing in common. I don’t think she’ll learn.

  • Storm Serge

    Are those cheek implants?

  • Billy

    Those are drug augmented cheeks, Jeff.

    And no MOVIE to promote? Lets see her crawl before she gets to walk again.

    Not funny? I thought her timing was fine. And clearly she’s trying to be in on the joke.

    There is one troubling thing about the Lauer interview. She doesn’t answer how long she’s been clean.

    Every addict knows down to the hour how long it’s been since their last taste.

    Break a leg, Lindsay. My daughter wants you back. And she’ s not alone.

  • Teddy Tanner

    I miss the old Lindsay.

    The Lindsay that dragged Teddy into a bathroom at the Spider Club several years ago while the Spider was still kickin’ and fucked him so wild and hard it nearly blinded him.

    Lindsay could swallow so much semen back then it was unbelievable. She gave insane head. She was a goddess of dirty, filthy, indecent sex.

  • bents75


    And the lunatic of the week award goes to Joe Kiggy.

    You have to have serious issues to take the shit Wells says THAT personally.

  • Movie Watcher

    I agree with Jeff. She looks different. I hope she doesn’t decide to make more ‘changes’.

  • Super Soul

    Quite the turnover around here.

  • Gabe@ThePlaylist

    A post like this, with its opposing sentiment, still seems like the moral equivalence of “LOOK AT HER.”

    Lindsay Lohan. Oh, what a fun topic for gay hairdressers and suburban moms.

    I do hope someone comes in saying something like “Oh, maybe she has another Prairie Home Companion in her!”

    I wish nothing but the best for her, to star in a bunch of good movies I’ll see, or a bunch of bad movies that make her a lot of money that she spends responsibly. But if she wants to live hard and leave a moderately ok-looking corpse, then rock on with your bad self, Lohan.

    P.S. I’d prefer Kenan kicked the bucket first.

  • immature

    Slightly haggard? When on earth did she look only slightly haggard since the start of her downfall?

  • MDOC

    She is only 25.

    That level of plastic surgery is for the ugly ducklings and old crones, not somebody that got into the movie business for being good looking just a few years ago.

  • DiscoNap

    I’m actually going to this show. I got the tickets before they knew who the host would be, but I’m getting more intrigued to be there now, no matter how it goes.

  • JLC

    If they ever get around to that Loretta Switt bio pic, I think they’ve got their lead.

  • Krillian

    Wow, just seeing her makes me sad. I need to watch something with Emma Stone or Jane Levy pronto.

  • Raising_Kaned

    Really crazy that she’s still only 25 — in appearance, she’s aged at least 10 years in the past 4.

    Kind of a “stunt” move here, but it’s gonna work for me. I haven’t checked out an entire live episode of SNL in years. I’ll probably tune in for this.

  • Jesse Crall

    Those promos were sort of cute and funny, making Lohan’s plastic surgery and washed-out appearance so troubling. They kind of negate whatever charms she has left.

  • pmn

    She looks like Sharon Stone, circa today.

  • Edward Havens

    What time are the musical acts usually on? I’d love to see Jack White perform but I have no interest in seeing LiLo.

  • Super Soul

    Wow, Joe Kiggy wasn’t just banned, he was freaking disapppeared.

  • Sasha Stone

    I don’t know what she did to herself. It’s sad. She was so beautiful just as she was. Anyway, there are two words to explain why she’s on SNL – Tina Fey. Fey has been looking out for Lindsay since Mean Girls and she is clearly behind this.

    I hope she undoes whatever she’s done to herself and I hope she goes back to natural red.

  • AnnaZed

    The sad thing Sasha is that some of that can’t be undone, like whatever the hell she has done to her face. She can (and should) rip out that nasty looking bleached hair extensions do and grow out her real hair and drop the heavy make-up so that her marvelous freckled skin shines, but ::alas:: her beautiful face looks like it has been destroyed to me; she looks like very other inflatable bimbo in LA to me now.

  • Jesse Crall

    I think Sasha’s right about the Tina Fey move. I mean, 90 minutes of live television is a perfect showcase for a someone trying to come back. it doesn’t require the big salary or long time-commitment of a film but still demands total focus.

    @AnnaZed: The bimbos in LA inflate their boobs. What’s so weird is that Lindsay’s inflated her face. That’s something you see on women twice her age who lack any sense of self-confidence.

    She still has that great voice, too. Such a weapon as an actress and now at best I can really only see her doing voice overs for a Family Guy-type show.

  • Cadavra

    Even in its diminished state, SNL is still a valuable test tube. Dwayne Johnson has repeatedly said that no one would take him seriously as an actor until the first time he hosted; conversely, January Jones lost a great deal of heat after bombing. And remember that Lindsay’s first gig contained some undeniably classic sketches–the “Debbie Downer” where everyone broke up, the Harry Potter take-off in which Hermione returns to Hogwarts sporting enormous boobs–so it’s a terrific way for her to prove she’s back…if she doesn’t blow it.

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  • TL

    Caught a middle 30 minutes of Mean Girls on TV the other night. Lohan had so much potential. Kind of sad to have filmed evidence of “what could have been.”

  • stanley

    I walked passed the TV this AM as they were showing a clip or something that had her picture on the screen. My 1st thought was Susanne Sommers trying to promote a product for an info commercial. That would be Susanne Sommers’ in her later years. Only 25!

  • Krazy Eyes

    LOL. If Tina Fey has been “looking out for Lindsay since Mean Girls” then she’s been doing a thoroughly shitty job of it.

  • 4u

    I don’t know what to say,just lol.

  • Chris Willman

    Victoria Gotti was just what I was thinking.

    Here’s a link to a tabloid comparison before and after her nose job.

  • Jason S.

    it wasn’t Tina Fey’s doing at all. Lindsay phoned Lorne MIchaels repeatedly and BEGGED to host SNL. I still don’t believe Lindsay is playing Elizabeth Taylor. There were no announcements on Deadline or Hollywood Reporter, was there? Her mother Dina phones Harvey at TMZ, tells him a bunch of bullshit and then he posts it. And now this Today show interview where she claimed she hasn’t been to a party in months which is bullshit because she was at a Golden Globes party, a Grammy party, A Weinstein Party – hell she was out just two nights ago. Comeback my ass. Who in their right mind would hire her? Doing SNL where the writers and the cast do pretty much 95% of the work during the week is a lot different than having to be on set at 5 in the morning every single day.

    And how the hell did her head get larger than Keenan Thompson’s? Someone wanna explain that to me?

  • Jason S.

    Anita Ekberg lives!

  • Sad. Exploitative. What is she promoting? Not like she has a movie coming out.

  • I think I agree with you. I prefer the old style much more that this. Though, I still remember that Lindsay Lohan has had some concrete troubles and I wonder if this isn’t her way to escape, to let go of her past. But then I think that maybe her past wasn’t that bad.

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