“Ebert and Poland Are Wrong”

Last night a respected critic and film journalist emailed about yesterday’s article regarding Paramount’s curious decision not to press-screen Titanic 3D between now and 4.3. “I’ve seen Titanic 3D too,” he said, “and Ebert and Poland are wrong, and Lou Lumenick — for once — is right.

“Yes, the image is slightly darker through the glasses. I took them off several times during the movie to compare. I have no basis whatsoever for saying this, but I suspect Cameron may have brightened the image slightly for the 3D presentation in order to compensate. But it looks terrific — as good as any upconverted 3D presentation I’ve seen. Was it necessary? No. But it’s an excuse to get excited about seeing the movie on the big screen again, and the 3D doesn’t detract anything from the experience.

“There was never a moment in the movie when I thought ‘man, I wish this was in 2D!” Most of the 3D is used for spatial effects instead of ‘wow’ stuff. There were only a few shots, all of them post-iceberg, that felt designed to elicit shock and awe…and it works. Cameron knows exactly what he’s doing — he’s a fucking genius. I bow to the guy, even though I though Avatar was shit. The re-release is going to be a huge hit and make another $100 million.”

  • raygo

    Ha! Maybe Cameron will return your phone call now!

  • Jesse Crall

    Hmmm. I’m inclined to trust Ebert because I agree with him on 3-D. But Cameron is such a perfectionist and I doubt he’d release his Oscar movie without being satisfied with the results. Shame they’re not screening Titanic earlier…

  • Padre la Tiempo

    If Avatar taught us anything, it’s that Cameron’s use of 3D is subtle. He doesn’t do cheap poke you in the eye tricks with it, simply uses it to enhance the feeling of depth (looking into a window to a 3D world vs. the stuff coming through the window into your face). So I don’t doubt that the 3D in Titanic will be employed in the same subtle way.

  • Ponderer

    Yeah – and there’s no one who understands the brightness and color issues with 3D better than Cameron. If the image was too dark, it’s a problem with the projection setup, not with the film.

  • Mr. F.

    Hopefully TITANIC 3D is enough of a success that it convinces Cameron to make a converted version of AVATAR. I bet that’d be amazing in 3D.

  • TimDG

    “the 3D doesn’t detract anything from the experience.”

    It detracts everything from every experience, because it’s a stupid, distracting, profit-driven gimmick.

  • Robert Cashill

    PIRANHA II in 3D is what this is all building toward. If somewhere along the conversion line he’d throw THE ABYSS onto Blu-ray I’d be grateful.

  • Markj74

    Yeah, what’s the hold-up with THE ABYSS Blu-ray? There isn’t even an anamorphic DVD on the market. Mikael Salomon should have won the Cinematography Oscar hands down that year, at least he was nominated. Should be an amazing transfer when it eventually surfaces.

  • DavidF

    “when it eventually surfaces…” Pun intended, Mark?

    Seriously – where is the bluray? Are there some weird rights issues or something?

  • Cadavra

    “Cameron is such a perfectionist”

    If that’s true, then why doesn’t he hire some decent writers to polish his tin-eared scripts?

  • Markj74

    @DavidF: Haha, unintentional!

  • Jack Razor

    Conversion NEVER works.

  • Rachel Anderson

    I really love this movie ever since. I love the story as well. Keep up the good work. – Markus Lattner

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