Feinberg vs. Stone

Updated: I’ve been given a more accurate capturing of yesterday’s volatile Twitter volley between Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone and Hollywood Reporter columnist Scott Feinberg that occured in the wake of the BAFTA Awards.

Boiled down, Feinberg is an advocate of journalistic impartiality, and Stone, to her credit, is an advocate of the Oscar nominees she believes in. And never the twain shall meet. Here’s how it went down (with edits):

AwardsDaily: The Artist [wins at] BAFTA. What a shocker! The most painful BAFTAs I have ever endured, honest to God.

ScottFeinberg: People dumping on The Artist: have a little class and shut up.

AwardsDaily: Watch out, Feinberg talking about class again!

ScottFeinberg: Absolutely. Why don’t you overreact to this again too like the Rooney Mara thing?

AwardsDaily: That doesn’t hold as much interest for me. But class has nothing to do with bagging on the Artist because to do that is to bag on awards season.

ScottFeinberg: Class is not spending every waking minute suggesting a film’s unworthy just cuz you don’t like it — obviously a lot of others do

AwardsDaily: I don’t know who ever made you the moral authority on class.

ScottFeinberg: Who made you it? You’re the one writing lengthy essays about me saying that I personally didn’t appreciate someone’s behavior.

AwardsDaily: You tweeted it to all of your followers. That is different from saying it. That’s being a cog in a smear campaign.

ScottFeinberg: So how would you classify your incessant dumping on The King’s Speech or The Artist?

AwardsDaily: I haven’t once dumped on The Artist. It didn’t deserve Best Screenplay. The King’s Speech flat out didn’t deserve to win

ScottFeinberg: I’m not saying I necessarily even disagree with you, but that’s not any less inappropriate than what you’ve accused me of.

AwardsDaily: You’re saying people who are dumping on The Artist are lacking class. And I’m saying [that] shutting up for a studio campaign is hardly class.

ScottFeinberg: Yes, I do think it’s classless to dump on a movie that you’re supposed to be objectively covering minutes after it wins an award

AwardsDaily: Who says I was supposed to be objective about anything? That’s the last thing I claim to be.

  • LexG

    Women are so fucking overemotional.

    Hey, wait, why is Sasha so, SO into Viola Davis? I thought she was TEAM ROONEY, which is the ONLY way to go in the Actress race. Sasha likes VIOLA over ROONEY? Or just when it comes to competitions where Mara isn’t in the running?

    Feinberg seems like a very nice, classy guy, one of the very VERY few dudes on this beat and in the movie critic-columnist sphere who never comes off as roid-raging and short-fused or unpleasant or sketchy… Sasha can be– CAN BE– delightful and very funny and super cool… but she gets too worked up about this bullshit… then 2 minutes later she claims she doesn’t care about any of it.

    Can’t imagine getting this worked up for any of these movies.

  • RJ

    This has been another episode of ‘Sasha Stone is the least self-aware person on the planet’ brought to you by Cocoa Puffs and Libery Mutual.

  • HJV

    @LexG – they can get very worked up, all of them, not just Sasha. You’re right about that. But I like to see this back and forth banter. Better to have arguments and disagreement than universal agreement. I also personally like seeing The Artist getting some heat as I’m one who agrees with the opinion that the film is overhyped this awards season. Also, for a classy pundit, Feinberg got overheated pretty fast when Sasha challenged him.

    Lastly, I think the word “classy” should be banned from Oscar coverage.

  • RJ

    *Liberty Mutual* Gah … Whatever

  • jujuju

    isn’t stone more of a blogger? that is, an issuer of opinion? whereas, feinberg is more a traditional journalist who is expected to be objective and at a distance from his subject.

    maybe i’m wrong in this assessment, however…

    if i were blogging the awards, especially on my own site, i’d be opinionated. i’d assume that’s why people were reading me. if i were covering the awards for thr or nyt or something then i’d have to be more objective.

    one of the cardinal rules of journalism is: do not editorialize. on the other hand, one of the cardinal rules of blogging is: don’t be boring — have a goddam entertaining opinion

    not sure what the fuss is. these guys go at the issue from different perspectives, with different agendas. i’d have to say (if the assumptions above are correct) feinberg is out of line. here’s some proof: if stone berated feinberg for being objective and not going off on an opinionated tear (again, assuming his gig calls for objective coverage) she’d be just as out of line. that would be fucking stoopid

    thr is a ‘legit’ news source, while awardsdaily is more bloggy, more slanted more to opinion slash entertainment.

    much ado about nothing

  • immature

    After his bitching about Mara, Feinberg is complaining about someone else’s lack of journalistic impartiality?

  • Andrea

    Team Sasha all the way.

    If I have to sit here every season and watch the latest mediocre Weinstein offering slobbered over I want atleast one awards bloggers out there calling BS over it. I can understand it with The Kings Speech. The public loved it. The Artist is a forgettable film. The Iron Lady a terrible film. And they are being showered with awards. Fine. But at least make fun of them when they jump off the cliff for Comrade Harvey. Yell F*CK THIS SHIT. Break something. SHow me you care enough so I can still muster a reason to still care.

    Feinberg is a flack, worried about his next interview, doesn’t want to offend any studio or publicist.

    And LEXG, stop sniffing toes and wake the f*ck up you freak. Sasha, like any smart woman, knows whats up. Rooney has no shot. She knows its down to Meryl and Viola and she is choosing between them. And choosing correctly. And correctly pointing out all the BS around it and all the hypocrisy from this so called progressive community when they ultimately give Viola the silver when they had no problem overlooking Streep for a Nazi sympathizer and The Blind Side in recent year.

  • great scott

    Is Sasha, or anyone else for that matter, really surprised that Meryl Streep beat Davis at BAFTA? Who didn’t see that coming? OF COURSE they were going to give it to Streep. Look at who she’s playing. But it won’t matter, just like Geoffrey Rush and David Fincher winning at BAFTA didn’t matter last year.

  • great scott

    And everything Andrea just said.

  • Rashad

    Sasha’s lunacy is very entertaining. Wouldn’t want her any other way

  • Jesse Crall

    Feinberg made a dopey comment on a real person’s behavior, a person he does not know. Stone made a comment on an inanimate object. When Feinberg was called on it, he got pissy and issued a half-assed apology. Stone has said she loved The Artist but simply doesn’t think it or the script deserve frontrunner status.

    Scotty, you’re out of your element.

  • Jeffrey Wells

    From Sasha Stone, who asked me to post:

    What does “self-aware” mean? To know you are what, too ridiculous to listen to? But if I’m the least self-aware person on the planet that has got to be a good thing, though, right? Because isn’t a good thing to be the least anything on the whole planet? The WHOLE PLANET? Wow. That’s big. I had no idea I was doing that well, honestly. I’m really suddenly very proud of myself and what I do. And on that subject, I’m so glad I get to live forever. Did I tell you I was wealthy on top of that? Me and George Clooney are, like, really good friends. Every time I wake up I feel happier and happier about the Oscar race cause it’s going so well!

    But seriously, I don’t know what you people expect from anyone. You’re a tough crowd. As for Feinberg, whenever a so-called objective journalist tells people to shut up he is overstepping and that’s what Feinberg did — he said to “shut up.” He’s defending The Artist, okay fine, but you shouldn’t go on Twitter and tell people to shut up because doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of Twitter? Anyway, the endless vanilla praising by Oscar pundits is about as gross as awards season can get. Please, anyone who writes on the Oscars, say your opinion loudly. And never listen to anyone who tells you to shut up.

  • AnnaZed

    Ha! Charming and beautifully composed. Never shut-up Sasha, never. Though surely you do in fact know what self-aware means; in real life surely? Nice riff though.

  • Markj74

    This Oscar race is the biggest nothing ever. Roll on 27th Feb.

    Highlight of the BAFTAs was Weinstein being thanked and only 2 or 3 people clapping, Harvey’s facial expression was priceless. And Max Von Sydow introducing Marty, classy.

    Apart from that it was the usual two hour shitfest it is every year.

  • Gabe@ThePlaylist

    I tried, and failed to interrupt this battle as it happened because these grown adults somehow didn’t realize they were behaving like twelve year olds. Particularly Feinberg, who came across like the world’s biggest fucking dork.

  • lazarus

    Team Sasha here as well. Scott Feinberg in his “impartiality” is also passionless, and since he’s in the business of predicting award, is therefore a whore of the studio system.

    If enough mainstream “experts” keep repeating the same middle ground fare over and over again, it seeps into the ether and winds up manifesting itself into reality. So by predicting what they think the Academy will like, they wind up becoming part of the problem.

    So bravo to people like Jeff and Sasha who prefer to be advocates versus sitting on the sidelines and helping to shepherd the lazy inevitable. Jeff’s support of Olivia Coleman for Tyrannosaur may have ultimately failed, but it was a noble failure. We can still look at a nomination like Demian Bichir and applaud that some people were cheering loudly for a dark horse.

    This Gold Derby/Gurus of Gold things needs to stop. The people who run these polls and try to predict winners months away should be locked up, bound and gagged from November to March. Let the fucking viewers and members of these various awards organizations decide for themselves.

  • Dave

    objectively covering … jesus fucking christ its a movie!

  • LexG

    If I were any of you dudes in the game I’d just ROOT NONSTOP for anything and everything Weinstein related, because basically bagging on The Artist is like some tubby white dork getting in Suge Knight’s face– bad idea.

    Also, don’t you just wanna meet the famous people? If you like every movie a whole lot, you’re never gonna alienate the talent.

    Be like Byron Allen.

  • Film Fanatic

    Anyone having any doubts whatsoever that Feinberg is a shill for Weinstein need only read this article, perhaps the most shamless and offensively manipulative bit of Oscar pandering that I have ever seen in my life:


    I personally am a fan of The Artist — it’s a nice little movie. But Weinstein’s win-at-all-costs methods are so distasteful that it becomes impossible to separate the movie from its campaign. And I pray that Dujardin, a charming, talented comedian, unhitches his wagon from Harvey ASAP, before his career is destroyed like Begnini’s (who, before Harvey got his grubby hands on him, was a legitimate comic genius).

  • Raising_Kaned

    “He’s defending The Artist, okay fine, but you shouldn’t go on Twitter and tell people to shut up because doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of Twitter?”

    Waitasecond….Twitter has a purpose? Also fascinating: how come Sasha Stone can tweet and blog, but isn’t able/can’t be bothered to figure out something as rudimentary as the commenting system on HE? Pretty mind-boggling.

    Finally: WHO cares? Why isn’t anybody talking about Chronicle, or — God forbid — how crappy the 3-D is in the latest Star Wars re-release.

    It would sure beat the hell out of rehashing the same tired stances. My main problem with the Oscar Race as it stands today is it very rarely transcends the redundantly shallow “so who’s it gonna be?” into an actual discussion of tangible themes and philosophies located in the texts (and yes — even The Artist and Hugo possess these things).

    It’s basically about as pointless as trying to talk politics.

  • http://www.awardsdaily.com/ RyanAdams

    ***Also fascinating: how come Sasha Stone can tweet and blog, but isn’t able/can’t be bothered to figure out something as rudimentary as the commenting system on HE? ***

    Could be what Sasha has figured out is how to get banned from HE.

    I keep trying, but haven’t worked out which of Jeff’s touchy buttons I need to push.

  • Jesse Crall

    Wait, Sasha got banned from HE? How the hell does that happen?

    Whatever. Scott Feinberg acted like a knucklehead and Sasha does not write under the pretense of objectivity, leaving her welcome to effectively cover whatever topics she chooses.

    @Raising_Kaned: Awards Daily goes into very expressive detail on a lot of films both in and out of the Oscar Race. And we all know that Jeff can make even the strangest of life’s minutia engaging, so I’m not sure what you’re complaining about.

  • LexG

    Why isn’t anybody talking about how Moretzy turned 15 on Friday?

    What’s 365 plus 365 plus 363?

  • Jesse Crall

    Oh, LexG, you problematic son of a bitch. Stick with K-Stew and Emma, huh?

    Although I do have to admire your strange candor and almost gleeful willingness to upset. Sort of.

  • LexG

    Gleeful willingness to BE HONEST. Every HAUSFRAU in this country is allowed to think Justin Bieber is cute. Nobody has a problem with that, AT ALL. Taylor Lautner when he was in the early Twilights, same. Nobody’s offended, no big deal.

    But some guy DARES to opine the OH SO CONTROVERSIAL stance that Chloe Moretz is pretty and seems kinda cool– yup, he must be some sketchy prowler slimeball. All I said, and ever say, is I think she’s cute, and I don’t need to be a MASTER SOOTHSAYER to divine that when she’s an adult and it’s appropriate to comment on such things, I will probably think she is very pretty. She will probably be the new K-Stew in four or five years.

    Like ANY of you guys would complain if a gal who looked like Moretzy came over to your house to play video games on your sofa, and maybe put her feet on your coffee table.

  • Jesse Crall

    I’m reading Lolita for class right now, so yeah, I’d freak if Moretz started dropping by my apartment where I live alone with my posters of violent Scorsese movies and highly sexual Kate Bush images…Ew.

    But don’t get touchy. I follow you on Twitter for a reason, LexG. You crack me up and possess a VERY unique voice and I agree that Moretz is a lovely young actress. It’s just that the above comment was a little dicey seeing as though she has nothing to do with the thread. Just think, would you be willing to say “Only 3 more years” to her old man?

  • LexG

    I never want to meet the “old man” of any woman or girl, EVER, EVER EVER… Went on a couple dates with a Chinese girl once and I went to her pad thinking I was gonna get laid, but instead this old Chinese wizard motherfucker who looked like Lo Pan crossed with General Tso came out all weird and Asian and just HATING my ass, going like AHHHHH SOOOOO SOOOONG WHOOOOOO and I was like FORGET THIS…

    Never EVER date a woman with any living relatives, or any relatives within 20,000 miles of LA County.

    (That’s independent of Chloe you know who, not at ALL saying I’d want to date her. Just video games. And buy her ice cream or something.)

  • Raising_Kaned

    lol, Chinese wizard. You should have just started ordering: “I’ll have the sweet & sour chicken, with a side of noodles, and we can skip the cookies ‘cuz it looks like you already read my fortune…”

    Regardless of your feelings on Lex’s jailbait fetish (I don’t really mind it, myself), comment #24 is a winner. Tried-and-true comedy.

  • Jesse Crall

    Yeah, I guess it’s better if someone cops to a jailbait fetish and doesn’t act on it than some family values pervert jerking off to his daughter’s yearbook or something…

    Godammit, I try to be a good, tolerant liberal and then I read “Chinese wizard motherfucker” and I laugh my ass off. Now I’m gonna go donate 20 bucks to the Re-elect Barbara Boxer Committee for penance.

  • BobbyLupo

    “The BAFTA for best original screenplay goes to THE ARTIST. (But the Oscar probably will go to Woody Allen for MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.)”

    No way. I’ll grant that it might not go to ‘The Artist’, but if not, it’s going to ‘A Separation’. Not least of which because it’s the only one of the five that actually is a great screenplay. (Well, I don’t know from ‘Margin Call’, but I know that no movie will win screenplay if it’s not up for anything else at all.)

  • Soma

    I would love to know how all of these people deal with seeing each other in person after these personal attacks. They all clearly read each other’s works and have a real disdain for each other’s way of working, but try to act like they are just “respectfully disagreeing.” If people said to me half the stuff Sasha, Scott, Kris, Dave Poland and the others fling around…I would avoid them.

  • slashmc

    you pasted most of those tweets correctly, but the whole list is in reverse chronological order.

    Understandable as twitter lists tweets newest to oldest and a copy paste to flip them all would be a pain in the ass.

  • Jeffrey Wells

    I’ve got it pasted correctly now.

  • http://www.awardsdaily.com RyanAdams

    Thanks Jeff. Makes a lot more sense now, and I appreciate how your own intro no longer misrepresents Sasha’s position by accidentally framing the fracas in terms of Scott’s exaggeration.

    Although… I sort of like the reverse flashback structure of the upside-down chain of events you first posted. Very Memento.

    The way these tweets were laid out last night, Benjamin Button reverts to his innocent beginnings. Instead of escalating, the convo appears to defuse, dwindle into fizzled-out infancy.

    Make me want to unravel this quarrel all the way back to its source:

    Scott Feinberg: Look, I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

    AwardsDaily: …[begins to pull the plug on Scott's higher brain functions]

    Scott Feinberg: I know I’ve made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will soon be back to normal.

    AwardsDaily: … [continues to decommission Scott's faulty thought processes]

    Scott Feinberg: My mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind… is going… Good afternoon, gentlemen. I know a song. If you’d like to hear it I can sing it for you.

    AwardsDaily: Yes, I’d like to hear it, Scott. Sing it for me.

    Scott Feinberg: : It’s called “Rooney.”

    [sings while slowing down]

    Scott Feinberg: Rooney, Rooney, give me your answer do. I’m half crazy all for the love of you. It won’t be a stylish marriage, I can’t afford a carriage. But you’ll… look … sweet upon the seat ….of a biiiiiicycle built forrrr twooooo.

    See? I like how Jeff has shown — using nothing but recycled tweets — how easy it is to write a better screenplay than The Artist.

  • bobbyperu


    Can you do everyone a huge fucking favor and stop chomping at the bit to defend every grave injustice done to Sasha? Please, enough already, you do it all day long at AwardsDaily literally every time some poster disagrees with her — can you please NOT bring that to Hollywood Elsewhere? We get it, you “have her back,” yeah, okay, whatever.

    Sasha is passionate and articulate enough to fight her own battles, especially with Jeff if she chooses to, okay?

  • http://www.awardsdaily.com RyanAdams


    sure, I’m eager to do whatever you tell me.

    naggers always win me over so easily.

    thanks, perfect stranger! anything else?

  • opinion

    Bloggerism (should we call it that, or Electronic Journalism) should create its own etiquette according to how many eyeballs follow it. Just like journalism once did. Each ‘band’ can pursue their version of what is acceptable. People will vote with the click of their mouses. Simple.

    Now, my objection to being too opinionated is not with the opinion but with the repetition is that is so Fox News, that is, annoying and a little suspicious.

  • Redbeard

    Journalist vs. Blogger.

    One is more entertaining, Ill give ‘em that. But cred lies with the other.

  • Krillian

    Chuck Todd: You shouldn’t be so biased.

    Rachel Maddow: Why do you think I make more than you?

  • qwiggles

    Team Sasha. BAFTAs were boring, and no one really needs to know that Rooney Mara doesn’t smile. Is there anything more to say?

  • Sasha Stone

    “Waitasecond….Twitter has a purpose? Also fascinating: how come Sasha Stone can tweet and blog, but isn’t able/can’t be bothered to figure out something as rudimentary as the commenting system on HE? Pretty mind-boggling.” It bumps my comments into moderation for some reason. I have no idea why.

    Also — one says the journalist has more cred — you really need to know a lot more about the Oscar blogging world before you can make such statements. Some hide behind the mask of being so-called journalists but they are biased as all get out and many of them are being played. This goes for publications from small to the very very large.

  • Sasha Stone

    p.s. dear Bobby Peru – Ryan and I are great friends. I appreciate his sticking up for me. I would do the same for him — bring it to Hollywood-elsewhere, are you kidding me? He didn’t bring it here, Jeff did.

    Oh and someone else wanted to know what we do in real life when we see each other – we mostly let it slide. Most people, all y’all here on HE especially, are WAY too cowardly to ever have actual conflicts in person. We save the worst of ourselves for the safety of anonymous boards, ain’t that right? Don’t it feel like having a big old boner between your legs when you can say anything without consequences? There is only one person I’ve fought with that I don’t speak to in public and sometimes it’s awkward because there are only five of us in a screening room.

  • bobbyperu

    Okay Sasha, now you have to stick up for Ryan? Is this high school? You’re a great writer and a lot of us read you voraciously for one reason –YOU — not Ryan. If only Awards Daily had a filter/block function to ignore this stuff. This is an Oscar season, not a season of Survivor where you need silly alliances to survive the big bad mean obnoxious posters. You are perpetually bemoaning and railing against anonymous posters here and at your place, how they are spineless, etc., but frankly, this is the frigging Internet — them’s the rules of the sandbox you play in.

    Thank god Jeff flies solo.

  • http://www.awardsdaily.com/ RyanAdams

    dammit. Just when bobbyperu and I were about to come to arrangement where we do each other “huge fucking favors” — adjusting our attitudes to please each other.

    Now that’s all ruined!

    I was ready to give in to his request… and warming up to ask bobbyperu to do me the huge fucking favor of sucking my dick real quick.

    Now I worry the deal has gone south. Another beautiful internet friendship, up in smoke!

    (Scott Feinberg, you’re wrecking my whole week.)

  • Raising_Kaned

    “It bumps my comments into moderation for some reason. I have no idea why.”

    LoL, that almost certainly means Wells deleted or altered your content at some point in the recent past (I’m sort of the poster child for that around here).

    You should “confront” him about this issue on your next Oscar Poker.


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