Eh, in the Entertainment Weekly celebrity contest, one of the actresses on The Big Bang Theory got 20 out of 24, 83%. I like it better when someone has a chicken peck at a big board.

  • cyanic

    You’re not the little bit upset behind this Jeff?

  • MilkMan

    Hollywood, now in its 16th year of Romanesque decline, finds itself making films it doesn’t love and employs Harvey Weinstein as the defacto/unofficial vizier of its conscience. He finds the movies they love, the ones they cannot make, and he markets these films to them. From NYC, Weinstein discovers films, in plain sight, that overpower the academy’s votership, playing his hand like an insurrection. Like OZ unmasking the Emerald City rather than hiding within it, Weinstein transforms the ceremony into his own without ever entering its management. The outcome is now so obvious, the news is already at the bottom of the cycle by 10:30 am the following day. The decline and fall of the sunset republic. Hollywood convulsively, obviously needs Harvey’s conscience, he games them so well, it must be a new form of mogul desire…

  • Mr. F.

    “For what it’s worth, Harvard Oscar-odds cruncher Ben Zauzmer, whose predictions I briefly summarized on 2.22, got 75% of these predictions correct, which is pretty good.”

    Other things that are “pretty good” using this definition:

    – the Oscar success of TREE OF LIFE

    – the New England Patriots’ performance in this year’s Super Bowl

    – John McCain’s share of the 2008 popular vote compared to Barack Obama

    I know the notion that there’s some kind of “magic formula” that will predict the unpredictable is popular these days… but there will NEVER be, at least in the case of the Academy Awards.

    Hell, if you spent 15 minutes reading Oscar blogs or magazine coverage, you’d come to the very same predictions as Zauzmer’s magic software did…

  • DiscoNap

    I kept waiting for the ironic twist in what MilkMan just said, but instead it just stayed true and amazing.

  • great scott

    Yeah, what MilkMan said.

  • Edward Havens

    I seriously do not get the animosity towards Harvey Weinstein. There’s only a handful of distribution heads who are willing to take so many chances on such a wide diversity of films from around the world, and even fewer who are willing to put their name and reputation on the line time and time again to get those films in the market and seen.

    The Artist won Best Picture because it’s a very good movie, and enough people within a very small group thought it was the best movie of the year. If you don’t agree, that’s cool. No will ever convince me Forrest Gump is a better movie than Shawshank or Quiz Show, as no one will convince me Slumdog is better than Benjamin Button. And that’s cool, too.

    So Bob and Harvey have released two Best Pictures in a row. Good for them. Hopefully, they’ll be around for a while longer to help release more interesting movies from the around the world.

  • meryl streep,,,,,,,,,a promising actress……

  • AnnaZed

    Milkman! bringing the eloquence.

  • Hell, if you spent 15 minutes reading Oscar blogs or magazine coverage, you’d come to the very same predictions as Zauzmer’s magic software did…

  • Rachel Anderson

    I think the winners were deserving on their awards. Keep up the good work and Good job to that. – Joe Aldeguer

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