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My only enthusiastically preferred Democratic Presidential candidate of 2016 is Elizabeth Warren…end of story. I’ll accept Hillary Clinton, yes, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. But a voice tells me it’s Warren’s to lose or fulfill. The Gods have picked her. Plus half the electorate, I sense, really wants to see a woman in the White House…finally.

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  1. DiscoNap on said:

    Check out Mark Warner. He’s probably too moderate for your tastes, but he’s been quietly on fire lately, building a real base. Or our dear departed George’s cousin, John Hickenlooper.

  2. P.S. if her Senate bid goes well, which is up in the air, in 2016 Elizabeth Warren would be in her third year as a Senator, with no other governing experience. Can we see how that might not happen again so soon?

  3. Warren would make a good a president. She seems even tempered understands the law and is an expert in credit markets. Basically an Obama type with more business acumen.

  4. Wells to DiscoNap: Here we go again with the old “he/she hasn’t been to White House training school and therefore isn’t qualified” bullshit.

    Warren’s three years in the Senate (if she gets elected) will be insufficient “training” for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, whereas Obama’s four years in the Senate (’04 to ’08) seemed to have been enough. George Bush had ample training from running Texas, and look what a disaster he turned out to be. Reagan had training in Sacramento and he did okay (although he wound up destroying the country’s economy down the road by introducing banking deregulation). JFK had eight years in the Senate while living his life as he wanted to live it and preparing to run for the Presidency. Nixon had NO training during the eight years between losing the race in ’60 and running in ’68. (Being Vice President under Eisenhower was training for nothing, that office not being “worth a warm pitcher of spit.”)

    The “not enough training” argument against a Presidential candidate is almost always crap. Either you have the vision and the smarts and the political skills and the organizational command…or you don’t.

  5. Plus half the electorate, I sense, really wants to see a woman in the White House…finally. Let every people like vibrant feel the joy of golf and enjoy!

  6. Warren, Hillary, Cuomo…Nice trio, plus all have a visible profile nationally. I do have a feeling that the Republicans are going to spend the next 4 years training an absolute war horse to take on the Dems, though. There’s not way the GOP is going to let another sorry crop take on the left. And by “sorry” I mean sorry even for a Republican.

  7. how did your “enthusiastically preferred preferred” Democratic candidate in 2008 turn out? (hint: better than you’ll ever admit, even after bashing Hillary the whole year long)

    Warren, aside from being a liberal Senator (presumably) from Massachusetts, will never pass muster with the Rubin-Clinton Wall Street wing of the party who hold sway with the Villagers in D.C. Even assuming she kicks Scott Brown’s sorry ass in November, they’ll brand her as Harvard elite socialist who could never win over the coveted “independents” in the middle.

    Dukakis, Kerry, & Warren. What’s her slogan going to be? “Third Time’s The Charm!”

    I say this as her biggest fan but the powers that be within the party and the corporate media will never let Elizabeth Warren near the nomination in 2016 or any other year

  8. Mark Warner has dreadful skin, which is a shame for him. He makes Edward James Olmos look like Julianne Hough in those Proactiv commercials in comparison.

  9. It’s also entirely ridiculous to predict an election four years away. Remember when Obama won and Republicans were sure that Bobby Jindal would be the man to beat him in 2012?

  10. If it’s not Hillary I don’t see the Democrats taking it in 2016. All the serious Republican contenders sat out 2012 specifically to wait for 2016. Not talking “plausible to right wing bloggers” choices like Chris Christie or Mitch Daniels, but guys like Bob McDonnell that actually have a shot.

    I think it’d take a Newt Gingrich presidency or a-really-tremendous-final-lap-in-his-second-term Obama to get a Democrat in there in 2016.

  11. “Plus half the electorate, I sense, really wants to see a woman in the White House…finally. ”

    HERE HERE! I mean, I don’t care who it is or how qualified or unqualified she is, just as long as it’s a chick! Why? Because it’s time!

    Mmmm, identity politics.

    Why do I get a tingly feeling that if the first female candidate happens to be a Republican we won’t hear so many of those “we want a woman!” calls from Jeffrey and his allies? Oh that’s right, because you’re not REALLY a woman unless you toe the (Democrat) party line.

    Warren does have this going for her….her very own widely-viewed fan site / campaign flier…. (The Huffington Post)

  12. Mark Warner was a strong candidate on paper in ’08 and had a lot of buzz but dropped his pre-campaign campaign fairly abruptly. At the time, there were rumors in the political blogosphere about his having a John Edwards-esque scandal that would’ve been uncovered. Don’t see how that goes away, even with the passage of time, since he hasn’t gone through the revelation/apology-tour/restoration cycle.

    I’m not exactly predicting this but, what could happen, and I’d be interested in seeing: a 2016 Rahm Emanuel/Elizabeth Warren vs. Marco Rubio/Paul Ryan campaign. That’d be quite a rhetorical slug-fest. Rubio’s going to be the (R) VP this time around, and when Mitt loses, Rubio’ll be the default contender in a party that usually goes with the guy whose-turn-it-is.

  13. Chris Christie didn’t run because he knew that once he was under the microscope he would never and will never pass the Tea Party “smell test”.

    Christie is no hard line Tea Party guy. He’s about as moderate as Newt accuses Romney of being. At times, he’s downright liberal.

    He didn’t run this year because the Tea Party still had a death grip on the GOP. My guess is he is waiting until 2016 in the hopes that the Tea Party has lost all it’s momentum and isn’t dragging the party further and further to the right. And by most credible accounts, the Tea Party is already beginning to lose steam. It will all depend on where the party is in 2016. A whole lot of things can happen in 4-5 years.

  14. Hoops… if the Tea Party has such a death grip on the GOP, then why isn’t Michelle Bachman poised to be the nominee?

  15. They don’t now but after the 2010 elections they did. And now it’s their perceived power that is running things, not the reality.

    Bachmann is a perfect example. Back during the Iowa straw poll, they still held some reasonably significant sway. But in the short time since then, they have lost a whole lot of it.

    But the further into the primary process, the more relevant electability becomes. Bachmann was never electable. By the time the general election comes around, a national election vs. a mid-term election changes pretty much everything and Christie isn’t stupid, he knew this.

    The further into the GOP primary we go, the further away we get from isolated congressional elections that are essentially irrelevant to a national election.

    It’s easier to win on a congressional by congressional district level. Can you honestly say that Bachmann had anything more than a ferocious, grassroots backing that was never going to translate in a general election?

    The difference here is that Christie knew that if he had jumped in the race, the early contests would have played out like they have. Santorum in a GOP/Tea Party rich environment. He might have had a chance in New Hampshire but that was a Romney win in all likelihood. South Carolina would have been tough for him too for Iowa like reasons. Then Florida would have been his first real chance to win.

    As I mentioned before, the moment Christie entered the race, his historically moderate record would have killed him with the staunchly conservative.

    Perry looked like the savior for the GOP until he jumped in and was more closely examined and had those terrible debates. The same fate awaited Christie, just for different reasons.

    I keep remembering that presser he held about the Muslim he appointed to the high court in Jersey. Talking about what a good man he is and how he wouldn’t bow to “fringe” elements that had some kind of prejudice of what a Muslim is. Tell me that wouldn’t have been playing over and over again in negative ads by either Mitt or Newt or both.

  16. Wells, I’m sorry but Obama’s inexperience has manifested itself in the way he was unwilling to manhandle Congress for the first half of his term. Someone with more experience might have gotten a bigger stimulus and fought for a pubic option. Give me Cuomo or Warner. Plus in 2016, Warren will be 67. Next.

  17. Also Christie will be the running mate with Mitt, because Mitt literally seems to need him to make any points/pick any fights. It’d be doubling down on the northeast thing, but I’m not sure geographic ticket-balancing will survive this era.

  18. Taggler will easily win the White House in 2036, trouncing Shnerkin by 14 points. The Dems will win back the house by eight seats, but lose two governorships.

    Bank on it.

    I know this will absolutely happen because I’m a poster on Hollywood-Elsewhere.

    Golf Clubs!

  19. Christie as the VP? That will be AWESOME!! Two moderates running away from their historically moderate if not semi-liberal records.

    If Mitt is the nominee, at the very least, he will have to take on a staunchly conservative who will actually hold up to the political microscope.

    Christie doesn’t fit that bill.

  20. “Experience” in being a sellout whore is to be avoided. Obama has been our most effective Republican president since Clinton, after all.

    Dubya did not “run” Texas, the governor has almost no power. That was a steppingstone engineered by his New American Century puppeteers.

    No “enthusiasm” for any pols EVER, please. Even the 1% that are “good” are almost all scum.

    Except my preferred prez for this year:

  21. Watch Christie in the next year. If he starts to lose weight, he’s running. He will have completed his term as governor, so he won’t be a quitter. I said it before: No one wants a president fatty.

  22. @Travis: I wouldn’t count out Shnerkin until the polls come in from Puerto Rico. And even with Taggler’s support from the Tranny Party, the RCT (Roman Catholic Troglodytes) can balance that out, not to mention the WSM (Wall Street Mormons).

    Shoes! Handbags!

  23. Hillary’s already said she’s retiring–”twenty years is enough.”

    Warren’s my pick as well. It’s true the Machine will be against her, but by 2016, it will have been more than half a century since we had a genuinely liberal President, and enough people will have figured out by then that conservatism and fealty to Wall Street haven’t cut it and will be ready to try something else.

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