24 thoughts on “Real Bullets? Whatever.

  1. astrophore on said:

    This trailer makes the movie looks fantastic. You know exactly what you are getting. Similar kinetic charge as the promo for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Agree that the song is lesser Eminem, but that’s OK.

  2. The song is shit Eminem.

    The action in this looks pretty cool. Don’t care if it’s some sort of recruiting tool, just make it good.

  3. At least they’re not fighting aliens or Cobra Commander.

    If I see one more military propaganda film aimed at recruiting generation geek, I’m going to take a M41-A pulse rifle, duct-tape it to a flamethrower and pwn everything in my crosshairs.

  4. Multiplex guidos would rather stay home and watch an Ebony Humpers DVD. This is a film for the marshmallow peeps in the heartland who wear tailored jean shorts, you know the type, men who look like lesbians (like the lead singer of Rascal Flatts) and their wives who look like gay men. And retired people.

  5. Sickening. What ‘enemy’ requires this bunch of barbarians to have such an amount of artillery and technology? Against who? The monkey-bar Talibans maybe? ‘Patriotic’ movies ever since the 1980s, when they were ‘fighting’ ‘Gadaffi’ and the ‘USSR’ are as hilariously fake as those steroid-ed muscle beach clowns.

  6. This movie will make zero money, on account of the fact it has no stars and looks like it was shot on video. I genuinely don’t believe most Americans will want to see some authentic military reconstruction on anything but the History Channel. $2.7m opening weekend, just you watch.

  7. This month is good catch up time for TV and Blu-ray. Even for a February, where’s any halfway interesting release?

  8. Rated R for Violence… and… language, maybe? I wonder if they’re going to capture the actual language of a lot of the SEALheads I’ve heard from, with lots of talk of “sand niggers” and “faggots” and “ragheads.” It’s not the Navy SEALs’ cross to bear, but rather the average temperament and lingo of most young people who embark on such a career, as most of them are of limited education and view themselves as having few real world options. The best, the brightest… and a whole bunch of dudes who loitered around the recruitment center.

    In other words, this movie is probably deep fried fantasy bullshit. And using “real” Navy SEALs isn’t much of a gimmick when special effects can turn even the wimpiest nobody in Hollywood into an action star.

  9. Hey, Roselyn Sanchez does have some applicable military training– she was on that ELITE DETAIL from the movie BASIC that was billed as THE MOST BADASS COMMANDO UNIT EVER– then it consisted of Giovanni Ribisi, Roselyn Sanchez, that guy with the mustache from SWAT, and song-and-dance man Taye Diggs. OOH-RAH!

  10. @Gabe

    The lingo has more to do with dehumanizing the enemy than any intelligence level. When you’re job is to kill another human being, you can’t think of that person as a person. By degrading them and using derogatory terms, it lessens the mental strain of taking another life.

    The premise is good, but I doubt the script and acting is going to be at even a Michael Bay level.

  11. MARK THE DATE: the date that Gabe admits that he’s never met a Navy SEAL in his life, but sure has an opinion on what they would talk like.

    / HAVE met (and worked with) Navy SEALS, and other SOF, and other soliders in my career.

    Stereotyping: A REAL TIME-SAVER.

  12. For as many times as I turned off the sound of that damn trailer during the Super Bowl, their marketing budget probably exceeded production by at least half. Evil propagandistic bullshit.

  13. Of all the gold on this page, this might be the best-

    “Sickening. What ‘enemy’ requires this bunch of barbarians to have such an amount of artillery and technology? Against who? The monkey-bar Talibans maybe? ”

    Waaaa! It’s not FAIR! The U.S. should make sure that the “enemy” has the same advantages that they have! It’s just not right.

  14. astrophore — You totally ruined your chance at a witty retort there. You should have typed, “I would like to know more! ;)

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