“A Long Way From God’s Image…”

Warner Home Video’s A Streetcar Named Desire Bluray (streeting on 4.10) is close to perfect. It’s never looked better. Some portions are between okay and nice, and others have that shimmering silvery dreamcicle vibe that can make you fall in love with a black-and-white film all over again.

The older I get, the sadder this film feels.

In a way, Blanche’s speech about “hanging back with the brutes” is a condensation of much of what I’ve written in this column about CG ComicCon cowflop and general all-around Hollywood action crap.

11 thoughts on ““A Long Way From God’s Image…”

  1. Jesse Crall on said:

    Is Vivien Leigh’s performance one of the most powerful ever? It must be in the conversation. Leigh’s an actress essentially playing an actress, letting reality slip into her guarded facade with the smallest of motions. When she does, it’s heartbreaking.

    Imagine if Blanche was born 50 years later. She could operate as an independent women with better psychiatric medication and the opportunity to fully escape from the crumbling memories of Southern Gothic gentility. Jeff says the older he gets, the sadder the film becomes but it also gets sadder as time in general passes. Blanche was doomed.

  2. While I don’t disagree with your last sentiments entirely, why is it we all know you’ll be back here in the next month wondering why oh why you weren’t invited to the latest fantasy/action screening…?

  3. For those who doubt that there is an afterlife, please read comment #3 (before Jeff removes it) and tell me that wasn’t written by a celestial Tennessee Williams to celebrate the new “Streetcar” BluRay.

  4. I have not watched the film “A Streetcar Named Desire” yet. But i like Vivien Leigh very much. I will try to watch it soon. I think the most important thing for an actor is to bring the customs into the story of the film. Vivien Leigh always doing so in his works.
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  5. So i see comment #3 WAS removed by Jeff, but here’s what you missed: a terse supportive comment about streetcar followed by a pitch to sell you VIagra.

    “I have always depended upon the kindness of chemicals!” – 10 Williams

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