Down By The Tiber

In Contention‘s Kris Tapley and his wife April Smith, married last weekend, flew to Rome a couple of days ago for their honeymoon. They’re staying in a historic district apartment provided by Giuseppe Amorisi, a guy I know who sublets cool pads to me and certain friends. Yesterday afternoon I sent Giuseppe an email: “Did Kris and April arrive in Rome yet? Are they okay?” Giuseppe back to me: “Kris arrived and everything was fine for them. They are nice people. I’m sure they’ll enjoy Rome and the apartment.”

  • Edward

    How could one not enjoy Rome?

  • Jeffrey Wells

    Oh, I don’t know. There are ways, I suppose.

  • pudge72

    Nice hookup, Jeff! Who needs AirBnB when we’ve got Jeffrey Wells?

  • juliestarkey45

    I hope they would have an interesting honeymoon.
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  • Enjoy your lovely moments in Rome.
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  • Rachel Anderson

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