First Dibs

So Woody Allen‘s To Rome With Love will open theatrically in Italy 22 days from now. Which apparently means Allen’s film is a no-go for the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Update: To Rome With Love “is definitely not going to Cannes,” a friend confides. “It never was.”

Idea: I arrive in Cannes around noon on Tuesday, 5,15. If Allen’s film is still playing three weeks after opening (which it should be), maybe I could rent a car at Nice Airport and drive to San Remo, Italy — roughly 30 minutes east of Nice — and catch it at a local cinema. It would be nice if Sony Classics would consider showing To Rome With Love to Cannes-bound journalists in order to spare guys like me the cost of renting a car and all that. Maybe a screening in NY/LA concurrent with the Italian debut?

  • Mr. F.

    More critically: Woody cast *Roberto Benigni* in this?

    While I shouldn’t be surprised… my enthusiasm for this has just dropped exponentially.

  • jujuju

    ooh, wait wait! the blouse, necklace, and the way page has her hair in the poster is an exact match to this still from ‘to rome with love’

    eisenberg’s shirt and hair looks to match as well. so…that’s original art from the movie, too.

    tsk tsk wells. you’ve struck out.

    although, i suppose the backdrop shot of the city might be venice (the hilly part where the venice coliseum is) that those shameless italian designers lifted from flckr

  • jujuju


    good call wells

  • alynch

    Off the top of my head, I know the Coens’ The Ladykillers played at Cannes a couple months after it opened. There are probably other examples.

  • Pedro Almodovar’s films usually play Cannes after opening in Spain — The Skin I Live In was an exception. Another example that springs to mind is Zodiac.

    Still, it’d be unusual for a US film to premiere elsewhere in Europe before Cannes, even if it is an Italian co-production.

  • David A.

    So Woody Allen, Roberto Benigni AND Ellen Page are in this? This movie is one Michael Cera away from having the most irritating cast ever assembled.

  • nemo

    Jesse Eisenberg plus Greta Gerwig come close to equaling one Michael Cera. Unless Eisenberg is in Social Network mode.

    Roberto Benigni alone did make my interest drop.

  • RoyBatty Returns

    Roberto Benigni? Roberto fucking Benigni???

    Okay, folks, any lingering doubts about whether or not this film was worth seeing should have disappeared faster than shiniest of coins dropped into the Tiber with that bit of casting…

  • rick blaine

    Don’t forget in San Remo the film will be dubbed in Italian like all english language films released in the country.

  • Jeffrey Wells

    Wells to Rick Blaine: Shit. You think so? Maybe they’ll have the original soundtrack with subtitles version in Genoa (I.e., Genova)?

  • corey3rd

    Easy to look at that poster and think that the Midnight in Paris comeback is over. How can the box office be saved? Keep the poster art and change the title to “Hostel 3: Rome Rage.” What theatergoer wouldn’t enjoy a little torture porn involving Woody, Alec and Roberto being test subjects for power tools?

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  • rick blaine

    Genoa is a much bigger city than San Remo so the chance of catching the film in lingua originale there is obviously much better.

    Some country cinemas have a policy of showing original versions with Italian subtitles on certain days of the week only. Or they select two or three popular titles to present in the original version and the rest remain dubbed.

    Best to check the listing before undertaking the drive. It’s about 120 kms from San remo to Genoa. Of course the coastal scenery on that part of the Italian Riviera is breathtaking.

  • Jeffrey Wells

    I’ve driven along that part of the Italian coast four or five times. Beautiful.

  • Soma

    This looks like one of his bad movies that he’s hoping to bury and move on from.

  • a_loco

    I’m not a Benigni fan or anything, but the Rome vignette in Jarmusch’s Night on Earth was GREAT.

    Also, Wells, even if you find a screening in English with Italian subtitles, my guess is there will be full scenes and/or lines of dialogue in Italian, and in Italy, they won’t have English subtitles for that. So unless you speak Italian, you may wanna wait.

  • raygo

    Woody really shouldn’t be in front of the camera anymore.

  • Floyd Thursby
  • Manitoba

    Maybe the North American marketing campaign would be helped by playing up shots of Penelope Cruz in the short red dress that she wears in the film.

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  • Woody is still a part of the group.
    James Stuckey

  • Rachel Anderson

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