Red State Reach-Out

Davis Guggenheim‘s The Road We’ve Travelled, a 17-minute short meant to address rightwing impressions of a certain socialist-minded, African-born Arab muslim who wants to hamper small businesses and enslave free Americans with Obamacare, will appear online on 3.15. That’s Tom Hanks narrating, of course. Here’s the home page for updates.

  • Edward Havens

    It’s about freakin’ time the Obama campaign came out swinging.

  • Mark

    Ouch. I’ll likely vote for Obama again, but if the 3 major successes of his first term are an auto bailout started by Bush, a water-downed healthcare plan that has has not reduced costs, and Ok’ing an Osama kill mission, I can’t say I’m all that impressed with his services so far. Were these “touch decisions” really all that?

  • TL

    Mark – The Affordable Care Act in true doesn’t kick in for another 2 years, at which time it is projected to lower costs. And while I wasn’t a fan of the auto bailout at the time, I can’t deny that in hindsight it worked, saved the economies of several states, and was executed in the best manner possible.

  • Travis Actiontree

    “it is projected to lower costs”

    Oh. Okay.

  • Travis Actiontree

    I mean, as long as it’s projected to. Cool.

  • MooType

    Wow, and just as Kathleen Sebelius admits that she has no idea how Obamacare adds to the deficit. The death of Osama is a winner, but those other “accomplishments” are easily debated and dismantled, with one dating back to Dubya’s bad decisions. Is it too late to get Hillary?

  • Jesse Crall

    @MooType: Finally, I agree with you. Whenever conservatives say “Your boy Obama” I think, eh, I wanted Hillary.

  • davie

    I can’t wait to see this, seriously, it will for sure be the best Tom Hanks movie in at least two years. I am sure it will change thousands of minds with its unbiased reporting.

  • Redbeard

    “I mean, as long as it’s projected to. Cool.”

    Ill take projections over invented BS about death panels, but then, Im not a wingnut.

  • Travis Actiontree

    Cool, Redbeard. You’re not a wingnut. Therefore you know that when the government says something will cost a certain amount, nearly EVERY time it ends up being that, or even less!

  • Rashad

    Redbeard: In 1965, Medicare was projected to cost 9 billion by 1990. It cost 67 that year.


    They must make a moral case for health care reform. All this stuff about wether it will save or cost money is one thing, but if as many Americans died each month in terrorist attacks as have died monthly because of a lack of health coverage, and politicians had done nothing to address it for decades, no one would be nit-picking at the costs. It could have gone further, it should have been single-payer, but the bluedogs wouldn’t have voted for it, and this is the biggest legislative accomplishment since the sixties.

    Also, one look at the job-loss/gain rates pre- and post stimulus-bill show it’s effect. They should have spent more, but they didn’t get more. The wall street regulations should have been stronger, but they are something. Don’t ask don’t tell was repealed. Sure, progressives want gay marriage, but it’s very clear which side is for human rights and which one is against them.

    Also, whenever republicans talk about being respected abroad, remember that no one, at least in Europe, has respected a Republican post Bush Sr (who was great), partly bacause of the blowjob-impeachment, mostly because of the Bush presidency.

    Obama has had a great first term.

  • MooType

    Redbeard: The Obamacare death panels were real enough for Barney Frank to join the forces voting against them. It would help if you could try to be more reality-based.

  • Scylax

    I agreed with MooType until the whole “Is it too late to get Hillary?” People actually believe they would have gotten something substantively different with her?

  • TL

    “Therefore you know that when the government says something will cost a certain amount, nearly EVERY time it ends up being that, or even less!”

    I’m sure that you have some specific examples that you’re thinking about and not just repeating something that sounds funny but you actually have no idea whether it’s true.

    “In 1965, Medicare was projected to cost 9 billion by 1990. It cost 67 that year.”

    That’s because we’ve decided to make Medicare a more generous program in the intervening years. We’re also a more prosperous society that we were in 1965, and Medicare is a relative bargain at that price when you consider what you’re getting for it.

  • Redbeard

    Its nice to have so many to repeat talk radio BS on the site for us. It saves time.

  • Mark

    MAGGA, a moral case for keeping unhealthy people alive is exactly the opposite of what is needed. Sure, make preventative care free, but I would have loudly supported a Healthcare plan that actually did entail death panels, so we could finally address the bankrupt and futile waste of money expended during the final 6 months of one’s life. Medicaid should pay for two weeks in the ICU, then you’re on your own.

  • MooType

    Redbeard: Did you really just accuse Barney Frank of casting a vote based on talk radio BS?

  • Travis Actiontree

    It’s nice to have so many people repeat MSNBC BS on the site for us. Saves time.

    And it’s nice to have MSNBC repeat what MediaMatters told them to say, too. Saves even more time!

    We’re saving time!

  • Super Soul

    In 2312 they will be called Delete Panels.

  • Kakihara

    MAGGA: “but it’s very clear which side is for human rights and which one is against them. ”

    Except for the whole detaining and assassinating Americans without a trial thing…

  • Travis Actiontree

    Getting back to Jeffrey’s original “take”…..

    The film is for the indie’s and fence-sitters. I’m pretty certain someone who’s nutty enough to think that Obama is an “African-born Arab muslim” isn’t going to be swayed by a Tom Hanks’ narrated infomercial.

  • JColtrane

    If you believe …

    – Saving the auto industry means nothing

    – Preventing a great depressions means nothing.

    – Killing Bin Laden means nothing

    – Ousting Gaddafi means nothing

    – Dodd-Frank improves nothing

    – AHCA improves nothing

    – Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell means nothing

    – Refusing to defend DOMA means nothing

    – The stimulus did nothing

    – New START means nothing

    – Increasing fuel efficiency standards improves nothing

    …you’re either a Faux News watcher or a delirious liberal who thinks Obama=Bush. If you believe any of the above legislation is not perfect and therefore a fail, you have a fundamental misunderstanding of current American politics.

  • Jason S.

    There are too many tea heads that believe President Obama (Yes, I agree with Mr. Clooney – he should be addressed as PRESIDENT Obama by everyone) had nothing to do with Bin Laden’s death. Zero. Zilch, Nada. They believe it was 100% Leon Panetta. They just won’t give him credit for ANYTHING.

  • wester

    He gets credit for a lot of stuff. Most of it is fictional.

  • Travis Actiontree

    JColtrane for the win!

    (though for reasons other than what he probably meant)

  • JColtrane

    But maybe in a world where the “trees are the right height” and where people believe that a corporate chop shop specialist (who has zero political skills) makes a viable presidential candidate….all that means nothing.

  • Hank94

    I’m sure everyone here knows this, but you can’t take Crabtree’s opinion too seriously. Guy defends Bush and Palin constantly, while always reminding us he’s not that big a fan of Bush and Palin.

    He doesn’t have opinions. He just has stale sarcasm and meaningless snark.

    Obama has not been perfect. The perfect President does not exist. But if we’re comparing him to the last guy, it’s like comparing The Miami Heat of now to the Miami Heat of 2007-2008.

  • Travis Actiontree

    Hey dipshit…(Hank94)… show me where I defend Bush and Palin… go on… let’s see it….

    I find it funny that someone can call Palin an “idiot” and then in the same breath say that Nan Pelosi is “great stuff!”…. put I don’t see that as a defense of Palin.

    You’re an idiot. Suck my balls.

  • VicLaz2

    Oh come on Nancy Pelosi is actually smart, articulate and able to conduct an interview without sounding like a babbling idiot, Palin is not in her league.

  • SaveFarris

    “We have to pass the [Health Care] bill in order to find out what’s in it.”

    “Unemployment benefits create jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.”

    “Every week we don’t pass a stimulus package, 500 million Americans lose their jobs.”

    Nancy Pelosi: Super Genius!

  • TL

    Incidentally, the New England Journal of Medicine is now predicting the rate of Medicare growth to slow at a rate approaching zero.

  • SpinDozer

    Hey dipshit…(Travis Actiontree)… show me where anyone calls Palin an “idiot” and then in the same breath says that Nan Pelosi is “great stuff!”….

    You’re an idiot. Suck my balls.

    … go on… let’s see it….

  • Mr. F.
  • LicentiousMaximus

    With the economy improving, look for dumb white man syndrome to get worse and worse. They got nothing.