Sing It, Minnie Mouse!

The U.S. review embargo on Tarsem Singh‘s Mirror Mirror ends tomorrow at 3 pm, but overseas critics are going mostly thumbs-up. I can at least say that the closing musical number, a Bollywood synth-pop tune that comes out of nowhere, is the most agreeable thing about it. It’s a bit loony that a film based on a classic European fairytale would reach out to Indian pop for a finale, but obviously not so loony given Singh’s heritage.

If I’m not mistaken, the credits identify the director as Tarsem, Tarsem Singh and Tarsem Singh Dhandwar.

  • Simonster

    The Bollywood routine was the only thing I hated about this one. Julia Roberts has a lot of fun with her evil queen character. One thing that struck me as odd though were very pretty Lily Collins’ massive eyebrows, especially in that scene when the queen ruminates about Snow White’s features.

  • The Thing

    Maybe after watching the entire movie it’d be fine, but out of context it doesn’t feel right. Just way too out there to see a bunch of white people in Victorian dresses dancing Bollywood.

  • Wasn’t MOST of the movie supposed to be like this (re: a Bollywood-style musical) and the producers put the kibosh on that halfway through? I could’ve sworn that was the story at one point…

  • bacio

    so do we have to expect the tomatometer to turn rotten? I was quite surprised about the positive reviews after the disastrous trailer.. and the imdb score is very low, plus this embargo, it can’t be that good, can it?

  • JR

    That is some lousy editing; is the entire movie cut this poorly?

  • Simonster

    Hold on, guys, it’s only during the end credits. What comes before isn’t the slightest bit Bollywood. And the editing is fine. No dwarf part for Warwick Davis, though.


    He’s billed as Tarsem Singh Dhandwar for this one. Dude’s name gets longer with every film.

  • AtticusRex

    I’m sure this will do great with the Pre-Teen auds.

    For me Please bring on Snow White and the Huntsman.

    Though I’m not as smitten with the new Trailer. The Huntsman’s first trailer was about as perfect a trailer you could ask for… great editing, Charlize’s voice-over and that great great great choice of music.

    WHilst the longer trailer isn’t awful it pales in comparison.

    That said… Mirror Mirror looks to be a fun/safe time for the Family… Thank God my kiddo is in college!

  • raygo

    Julia Roberts is entering that phase of her career where she’ll work on family-friendly films because she has young children. Maybe she’ll turn into the female Eddie Murphey and we’ll get distaff versions of Flubber and Dr Doolittle.

  • JR

    I agree with the above comments RE Snow White and the Huntsman; saw the trailer before Hunger Games, and I was very impressed – looks like a winner.

  • Robert Cashill

    INSIDE MAN made interesting, unexpected use of Bollywood music.

  • Krillian

    Nothing will ever be worse than Brendan Fraser dancing with the animals in Furry Vengance.