“”In true Toure style, the take-no-prisoners commentator went straight for the jugular and attacked Morgan face-to-face for not questioning Zimmerman about his comments regarding important moments of the night Trayvon Martin died. Of course, Morgan was having none of it and quickly became defensive, chiding Toure for MSNBC’s attempt to get Zimmeran Jr. on their network as well, and for the network’s running the interview in question all day without criticism.” — Daily Beast‘s Allison Samuels.

  • thevisceral

    There’s such a thing as true Toure style?

  • MooType

    Yo, check it–Toure’s all RESERVOIR DOGS-stylee like those OGs in SWINGERS!

  • poseidon72

    I Like Morgan. He ripped that guy a new one.

  • John Aimes

    Piers Morgan is a horrible human being.

    Toure, speaking as a journalist may well be too reactionary and uni-lateral in his assessment of what happened (although let’s be honest, anyone with a shred of rationale would be inclined to listen to and consider what he believes, even though that doesn’t give him the right of a judge, jury and executioner). Regardless, Piers Morgan should never have been given the mantle of Larry King or those of his ilk. Let’s remember who he is: A disgraced former red top tabloid editor who was forced to resign and leave journalism for headlining faked photographs of UK military abusing prisoners of war. He’s a sensationalist, bigoted, arrogant, narcissistic, and unfortunately highly articulate man which when given any power and influence considers himself someone we should listen to. Power and influence in the hands of men like him is a dangerous thing and I think he and his ‘out for themselves’ kind are a plague on our modern society. No one in the UK takes him seriously (apart from X factor fans), which is why he’s come to America to rebuild his career. Sooner he shows his true colors again the better. He’s the worse kind of Englishman and I say that as a proud to be English ex pat living in the US.

  • LicentiousMaximus

    This was only the 11th time today I slapped myself on the forhead and said “another dumb fucking white man”. Usually it’s a lot more these days.

  • Kakihara

    John Aimes: “for headlining faked photographs of UK military abusing prisoners of war. ”

    The photos might be fake, but not the story.

  • DiscoNap

    Yeah Toure has become one of the most intolerable posts of this tragedy. I’m not a Morgan fan at all, but props to him for slapping him down.

  • DiscoNap

    *parts, rather. Also as a society can we please remember that he’s a fucking 106&Park presenter?

  • Super Soul

    On the edification and sincerity scale that was somewhere between Wrestlemania and watching Coulter and Maher play footsie.

  • Jesse Crall

    I’d only seen Toure doing the Daily Rant on Dylan Ratigan’s show, and his general smarminess always bothered me, even if I agreed with him in principle. The fact that in this video, he manages to outsmart Piers Morgan makes him, as DiscoNap says, intolerable.

  • Mr. F.

    “…a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

  • DuluozGray

    After reading LicentiousMaximus’ post, it was only the 1st time today I slapped myself on the forhead and said “another dumb fucking black man”. Usually it’s a lot more these days.

  • dangovich

    Piers Morgan’s mouth resembles an anus, in both form and content.

  • cyanic

    DuluozGray is racist with LexG

  • Ira Parks


    This should go over like gangbusters, considering the usual douche patrol’s HATEFUL[Redacted] of anyone who actually loves movies, but upon the third viewing, I think Drive Angry is a solid B. [Redacted] can go on and on as if[redacted] can do her blowsy, frowsy vaudville, EMBARRASSING routine and should be given a bucket of oscars, but it will have absolutely NO REWATCH VALUE. No one is firing up that platter in 2017.

    Zardoz has sp[Redacted]


    Go back to the three cans of tuna and an apple a day diet, and we’ll see about a Mel’s reunion. Not before.

  • Ira Parks


    Like site but would like to see more greens and yellows like win win banner ad. My first time here.

    Interesting interview with david mccallum about man from uncle:

    Poland misses you. it’s all an act. Wish everyone could get along.

    Keri Russell interview (scroll down to the bottom):

  • Ira Parks


    Ye Gods, looks like someone^^^^^isn’t getting laid.

  • Ira Parks


    And by someone, I mean Ira Parks, not Sanj.

    We know Sanj gets laid.

  • DiscoNap

    What the hell is going on?

  • Jesse Crall

    Either LexG has returned or this “Ira Parks” is far more subversive than his 72-year old-retired-accountant-from-Encino-with 2 Shar Pei’s-and a disappointing son-moniker would suggest.

  • Ira Parks


    Oh my dear dear Jeffypoo. Looks as though the figurative HE gates have been left unlocked and a certain cretin has oozed back into the fold. (Removes monocle from vest pocket, wipes it gingerly with powder blue frilly hankie) I weep for the lad, but he’s done it to himself, poor sod.

    Incidentally, regarding a previous post, I’ve just met miss Gerwig and I can report she is nothing less than a doll.

    I’ll be making crab cakes de montand (no you cant have the recipe) for friends and won’t have any more time for Lexian drama this weekend. Hope all goes well.


  • Ira Parks


    [The drooling mongrel known as Fattyhadaparty has been banned for life]

  • Ira Parks


    …the fuck? I haven’t posted in months.

    Wells to Fattyhadaparty: A mixup during spam cleanup. Apologies.

  • Fortunesfool

    Is there no escape from this tool Morgan. We managed to banish him from the UK but you Yanks embraced him with open arms. He’s a moron, chase him away.

  • MDOC

    Morgan: “What don’t I understand”

    Toure:” …the depth of the pain in the American soul that is at play in this situation”

    Morgan: “What a load of nonsence, absolute nonsence”.

    As someone that is sick to death of rhetoric and bullshit, this is pure gold and hopefully a sign of things to come.

    My take on this whole mess, is that it’s a tragedy antime anyone loses their life, but pick your battles. Kudos to the black community for taking a stand and showing they can mobilize against the clear and present danger of being shot by a white person. Now that this issue has been addressed, the black community can continue the fight against the other equal immediate threats to its children. Of course I mean shark attacks and tornados.

  • JD

    Morgan is clearly fuelled here by ego/pride, not any concern for journalistic integrity. Wouldn’t impartiality (his stated objective, impossible as it may be) prevent him from yelling at guests and calling their observations “nonsense.” If he really wants to be impartial, his opinions are irrelevant to this conversation, whereas Toure is there specifically to express an opinion. Rather than accept the role of interviewer, Morgan’s acting as a kind of intellectual gatekeeper, shielding his audience from views and behaviour he personally disagrees with.

  • lovethefuture

    I find Morgan to be a pretty mediocre interviewer. And when it comes to celebs, Jesus is he a brown-noser. It was time for Larry King to move on, and Ryan Seacrest would have been a MUCH worse choice than Morgan, but I still don’t enjoy his show very much.

  • Noiresque

    Wow. It was all Piers Morgan could do not to call Toure an uppity be-fro’ed so-and-so from BET who needs to be put back in his place. Toure is quite irritating, but Piers Morgan’s elitism and rampant ego is something not uncommon among certain British men of his class and generation. He gets away with it in the USA largely because of his accent and gift of the gab.

    I am glad that Toure just snickered and shook his head at the end.

  • iamjacky765
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