16 thoughts on “Space-Time Thing

  1. Edward on said:

    Looks good, not sure what to expect or where it’s going. Very good trailer.

  2. An excellent trailer, except I hope that folks don’t think it gives away too much of the plot. The trailer actually leaves out a lot of greatness that’s left to be discovered.

  3. Wasn’t this a short? Or a novel or something? I think I remember almost the exact same plot years ago. Although I do have clairvoyant abilities…

  4. @Disco

    With a little research, I found out that it was a huge meme about 5 years ago. As a child of the internet, I’m not surprised that I stumbled across that back then, and promptly forgot about it.

  5. It was just an ad. A very funny and clever one, but there’s no story here. Of course it has to become some love story. This idea was a tag line, nothing more. Also Aubrey Plaza is cute as hell, but she can’t act.

  6. @Arispil

    It could have been something. 2 friends decide to respond to the ad, and the guy actually does have a time machine. Bill and Ted-esque adventure ensues.

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